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Welcome Sherlockians...

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Introductions Please...

Introduce yourself, meet other fans etc
905 9,788 It's never too late to join the fun!
by SusiGo

Meet The Members

Find out about our wonderful and varied membership...
60 6,734 Post Your Absence
by tonnaree

Suggestions, Questions & Technical Help

Any ideas or suggestions you might have to help improve this forum, any questions or technical assistance required
158 2,923 Automatic spell check
by Lis

General Discussion

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General Sherlock Discussion

Anything BBC Sherlock related that you think might not fit into other categories
370 24,180 The comprehensive Johnlock guide (Johnlockers only)
by ewige

Character Analysis

For discussion about specific characters from the series.
163 13,476 Mary – the subject of discussion
by Schmiezi

Latest News

Press clippings, rumours, announcements, any mention of Sherlock in the press
94 1,471 Sherlock to end because of Ben and Martin's 'frosty relationship'
by besleybean


Post any information about upcoming award ceremonies, voting, or any awards that Sherlock has won
72 1,401 Award nominations
by miriel68

Upcoming Events & Competitions

Post any information you have about upcoming events, competitions, broadcasts, appearances, online polls etc
111 2,009 Sherlocked - The Official Sherlock Convention
by JP

It's Canon

For discussion of Arthur Conan Doyle and the original stories and books
136 9,058 Johnlock: The Official Debate
by Schmiezi

Other Adaptations

Jeremy Brett, Basil Rathbone, Elementary, Robert Downey Jr and all other SH adaptations
164 2,120 TV movie "Sherlock" (2002)
by tobeornot221b

Random Sherlockiana

Any random or weird articles, bits of news or information relating to the Sherlock Holmes world that you want to share, but won't fit in any other category
107 623 Got any Sherlock related collection stuffs?
by besleybean

Sherlock Links

Lists of links to other Sherlock related sites
72 591 Episode transcripts (and commentary, and DVD extra transcripts)
by Lis

Series One

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A Study In Pink

Questions, discussions, theories on A Study In Pink
57 1,215 Mistakes - anyone notice any?
by Ariane DeVere

The Blind Banker

Questions, discussions, theories on The Blind Banker
38 651 When John starts to ask Sherlock for a loan...what do you think?
by Liberty

The Great Game

Questions, discussions, theories on The Great Game
52 509 The Great Game - frame by frame analysis
by NoShipSherlock

Series Two

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A Scandal In Belgravia

Questions, discussions, theories on A Scandal In Belgravia
78 1,483 Rewatching and just noticed...
by Liberty

The Hounds Of Baskerville

Questions, discussions, theories on The Hounds Of Baskerville
45 706 Questions about the Episode
by besleybean

The Reichenbach Fall

Questions and discussions on The Reicenbach Fall (Please post your Fall theories in the Reichenbach Theories forum)
170 2,667 Mary the assassin
by Meggie K

Reichenbach Theories

How did Sherlock survive the fall? Who helped him? What clues were there? Discuss all your theories here, however outlandish!
84 2,340 Go on then...what are your theories?
by SusiGo

Series One & Two Reviews

Post any press reviews for the first two series here.
22 97 Interview with Martin Freeman
by Liberty

Series Three

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The Empty Hearse

Questions, discussions, theories on The Empty Hearse
89 3,874 Violence at the reunion
by Vhanja

The Sign of Three

Questions, discussions, theories on The Sign of Three
74 3,127 Some things that are puzzling me
by Schmiezi

His Last Vow

Questions, discussions, theories on His Last Vow
174 7,445 Mary has a secret child
by OpalJade

Series Three Reviews

Post any press or fan reviews for Series Three here.
26 397 Least favourable fan review of S3 I've read so far...
by besleybean

Series Three News

Post all the latest updates, rumours and news articles in relation to Series Three.
90 5,018 Sherlock's new violin!
by Yitzock

Series Three Suggestions & Ideas

What we all thought might happen or wanted to happen in Series Three...(ahem..most of our theories were wrong!)
50 4,427 Thoughts about series 3 as a whole
by besleybean

The Specials

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The Abominable Bride

Discussion about the episode (post-airing) ***SPOILER WARNING***
47 2,535 The Abominable Bride (for those who have seen it)
by ewige

Sherlock Special: Theories, Suggestions & News

PRE AIRING discussion on the Special. Please mark up your spoilers. Thanks!
11 3,432 The Big Special Picture Thread (spoilers)
by besleybean

Series Four

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The Six Thatchers

Questions, discussions, theories on The Six Thatchers
25 1,827 Rosie's christening
by Yitzock

The Lying Detective

Questions, discussions, theories on The Lying Detective
48 1,588 Favourite scenes (photos/gifs)
by besleybean

The Final Problem

Questions, discussions, theories on The Final Problem
40 2,207 The Final Problem: First impressions
by Liberty

Series Four Suggestions & Ideas

Discuss what you would like to see, or what you think we might see in Series Four.
57 3,166 Unanswered questions/ plot holes post S4
by Vhanja

Series Four News

Any new news or rumours about Series Four, please post in here.
59 9,236 Series 4 in German - finally!
by Rache

Benedict Cumberbatch

Forum Topics Replies Last post

General Benedict Appreciation

General chat about the 'Batch. :-)
160 48,660 Favourite Sherlock/Benedict pictures
by Yitzock

Benedict's Non-Sherlock Work

Discuss Benedict's various and varied acting appearances
241 13,662 The End We Start From
by This Is The Phantom Lady

Benedict's Press

Press, reviews, news articles about Benedict, latest updates, rumours, competitions etc
286 3,849 Welcome to Hal Auden Cumberbatch!
by Yitzock

Cast & Production Team

Forum Topics Replies Last post

Martin Freeman

All discussion about Martin and his work
169 5,690 Martin in a new play
by besleybean


The genius that is Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss
126 1,660 Favourite Mark pictures
by besleybean

Other Cast & Production Team

Discussion on other Cast Members and members of the Production Team
93 1,655 Andrew Scott as Hamlet @Almeida Theatre in Spring 2017
by besleybean


Discuss the epic soundtrack music to Sherlock
29 247 Favourite Sherlock Soundtrack
by kgreen20


Discuss the fantastic costumes and outfits used in Sherlock
34 422 Series 4 costumes, makeup and hairstyles
by Yitzock

Props, Locations and Technical Bits

Anything related to filming the show including props, technical items & locations
34 260 My Attempt at the Bison Skull
by Yitzock

The Game Is On

Forum Topics Replies Last post

The Science Of Deduction

Discuss Sherlock's methods & give/receive tips on developing your mental prowess
41 594 Did anyone try "seriously" deducing in real life?
by Rache

Sherlock Quizzes

Post all your Sherlock quizzes here and test out the knowledge of other forum members! Or post links to online quizzes.
30 1,535 Details game: Where is this picture from?
by Vhanja

Sherlock Games

Any Sherlock related games - board games, computer games, group games etc
206 25,855 Sherlock alphabet game
by SusiGo

Sherlock Poetry, Stories & Books

Share and recommend Sherlock Holmes related poems and non-canon stories/books
50 546 Sherlock Related Books
by besleybean

Fan Fic

If any of you have written any Sherlock fan fiction post it here...
166 8,289 Johnlock Fic Recs *warning - adult content*
by Vhanja

Roleplay & Cosplay

Discuss your favourite roleplays and cosplays, share them with other members, share tips, comments etc.
26 517 Sherlock cosplay MakeUp
by ewige

Fan Art

If you have drawn or designed any Sherlock related pictures/art, please post them here
119 7,033 Your Favourite Fan Mockups/Photoshops
by Schmiezi

Fan Videos

To post all your favourite Fan Videos off YouTube.
149 1,035 Fan Videos
by Lautrela

Sherlockian Merchandise

Let others know about T-shirts, souvenirs, and any Sherlock Holmes related merchandise you can find.
100 804 Sherlock manga
by Yitzock

Fan Meet Ups

Advertise the latest Sherlock meet ups, and post reviews about the ones you have attended
54 1,831 Anyone going to see The Final Problem in Halifax (UK)?
by maryagrawatson

The Diogenes Club

Forum Topics Replies Last post

TV Programmes

Discuss your other favourite (non Sherlock) TV shows
175 3,352 Twin peaks
by Vhanja


Discuss your favourite films and movies (non Sherlock)
69 1,905 King Charles III
by Yitzock


Discuss your favourite music (non Sherlock)
57 891 What are you listening to?
by DramaQueen


What good stuff have you read lately? (non Sherlock)
52 1,232 What are you reading at the moment?
by Yitzock

Current Affairs

Are you into politics? Discuss and debate it here
37 512 Attack in London
by NoShipSherlock


Any other off topic conversation that doesn't fit into the above categories
299 12,428 Free Rants
by Yitzock

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