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It's Canon » Johnlock: The Official Debate » Yesterday 7:03 pm

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A nice collection! 

Anyway, here's a very quick search through the main stories for "dear boy".  Very superficial and I'm sure I must have missed something out, but maybe it does give an idea of context.  Warning: slight spoilers for some of the stories!

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
The Adventure of the Beryl Coronet
A father talking about his son:  And now I must fly to my dear boy to apologise to him for the wrong which I have done him.

The Sign of the Four
Holmes to Watson: Pshaw, my dear boy! it was simplicity itself.

The Return of Sherlock Holmes
The Adventure of the Priory School
A school principal about a missing child: “At last we have a clue!” he cried. “Thank heaven! at last we are on the dear boy’s track! ...”

The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes
The “Gloria Scott”

Father to son again: Such, in a few words, my dear boy, is the history of this terrible business in which I was involved.

The Greek Interpreter
 Mycroft to Sherlock
“Royal Artillery, I fancy,” said Sherlock.
“And a widower.”
“But with a child.”
“Children, my dear boy, children.”

The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes
The Adventure of the Three Gables

A woman about her ex:
He was a dear boy, Douglas, but it so chanced that he could not fit into my plans.

The Adventure of the Sussex Vampire
This was a small matter, however, compared with her conduct to her own child, a dear boy just under one year of age.

I can't find the other Holmes/Watson one, although I haven't searched very thoroughly! 


General Benedict Appreciation » Let's talk all things lovely about Ben... » Yesterday 5:52 pm

Lovely! And it was such a good idea to raise money in his name! I wish I could have contributed 

Series Four News » Some Sherlock news » Yesterday 5:24 pm

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Could be something related to that, maybe. Whatever it is, I look forward to finding out more (though if it's in London it may not be accessible to me, but I will enjoy reading about it).

Series Four News » Some Sherlock news » Yesterday 2:57 pm

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Ooh interesting! At the BFI music of Sherlock talk with Michael Price David Arnold they mentioned a Sherlock concert they were going to do in London, wonder if it's that?

Introductions Please... » Greetings from Snorklepie » Yesterday 1:33 pm

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Welcome, Snorklepie, great to have you here.

Introductions Please... » Greetings from Snorklepie » Yesterday 12:22 pm

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Oh, I recognized your nick - love your Scotland series! That is, I've only read The Edinburgh Problem so far, but LOVED it. I subscribed to the rest of the series and am really looking forward to reading it! 

Welcome to the forum!

Benedict's Non-Sherlock Work » 12 Years a Slave » Yesterday 12:14 pm

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I just saw this movie for the first time yesterday. I thought I wouldn't react so much to the content of the movie, seeing as I grew up with North and South (one of my all-time favorite series!). 

But to my surprise, I was moved in a way I thought I never would be by this movie. Maybe because I've gotten older? I don't know. Superb acting all around! It devastates me that there existed people with that kind of world view, and that they felt entitled to treat black people in such a manner. And it wasn't even that long ago!

Benedict was great as always. I read through this thread and saw someone mentioning how they wanted Ben to play a real bad baddie .Well, this is the closest he's come for me - towards the end, when he didn't want to hear about Solomon saying he was a free man, I felt disgusted. Which was something new, I've never felt that level of pure disgust towards any of Ben's characters before.

I like that, btw. I like that Ben dares to play characters that are actually quite unlikable, and won't always go for the heroic and cool just because he's everyone's heartthrob.

I was shocked when it was revealed at the end that it was based on a book, that it had happened! I didn't know that. That made it ten times more horryfing.

Amazing movie, well-deserved Oscar winner.

Edit: Oh, and I was confused by the last scene between Solomon and Ford as well. Why did Ford carry a rifle? He was the plantation owner, meaning the direct boss of the overseer. Why couldn't he simply tell the overseer that Solomon was not to be treated badly, and that any future misdemeanor should be reported to him before any punishment were dished out, for instance. I didnt' get that. Didn't he sit with the ultimate power and say?

Series Four News » Some Sherlock news » Yesterday 11:42 am

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Sherlock *and* DW theme park? SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY.
(I mean to say it would be a lovely idea.)

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