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August 13, 2012 7:11 pm  #1

UK Board Meet Up

I'm not sure how many of us are in the UK but I thought it might be a cool idea to try and organise a UK board meet up.

If you could let me know a general area in the UK where you live, and where you'd be prepared to travel too, then maybe I could work something out.

I live in the North of England, half way between Manchester and Leeds. Either of those two cities is fine, as well as Liverpool. But I would basically travel to anywhere in the whole of the UK for any kind of Sherlock meet up, haha, I go to London about three times a month already anyway.

So yes, just let me know. 

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August 13, 2012 8:32 pm  #2

Re: UK Board Meet Up

I live in Essex. London is good for me.

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September 27, 2012 7:18 pm  #3

Re: UK Board Meet Up

London's good for me too


Look I'm in shock, I have a blanket.

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September 27, 2012 7:47 pm  #4

Re: UK Board Meet Up

Great, take the same weekend as we do and we can skype.

Do you also provide the following?

SusiGo wrote:

......I'll need the following equipment:
2 bottles of smelling salt (minimum)
1 soft mattress for thudding
various refreshments to overcome the shock


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