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January 9, 2015 10:27 am  #101

Re: "Benaddicted" vs "Sherlocked"?

Mostly Sherlocked.


March 3, 2015 11:53 am  #102

Re: "Benaddicted" vs "Sherlocked"?

HannahCumberbatch wrote:

I am definately both sherlocked and benaddicted. First I started watching Sherlock more and more and instantly became obsessed with it and the acting talent Ben portrays through his character. Within a week or so, I began to be intruiged by his beautiful face :D This was when I researched him more and became strongly Benaddicted/Sherlocked. I think we can all agree that it is understandable why!! :D


Sherlockismyfix wrote:

For me, Sherlock was the gateway drug. Started watching and got and remain completely Sherlocked. The intellect, the humor, the childishness, the hair, the clothes, the grace.

Then, the deeper I went, the more be Benaddicted I became. I watched the interviews and sought out his other work. Such a beautiful, smart, decent man!  And, my god, the talent!

Yep, me too. It's happened so quickly - I watched all three seasons of Sherlock for the first time over a couple of weeks earlier his year, and now I can't get enough of Sherlock and Benedict. In fact I now take my Vitamin B(enedict) three times a day - I usually watch a movie I haven't seen yet (today it was Starter for 10), or else rewatch an episode of Sherlock. I will also listen to an episode of Cabin Pressure, and spend some time googling pictures of BC or watching his interviews on YouTube. I also spend a bit of time reading this forum. I can't really go a day without my fix of Benedict

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March 4, 2015 5:04 pm  #103

Re: "Benaddicted" vs "Sherlocked"?

Sherlock's character has completely hooked me, and to be honest, it's more his brilliance than anything else that has me done for. Since I've first watched the BBC Sherlock adaptation, I just couldn't just stop there, and had to get to know him first of all via the Canon and the Granada adaptation. Still have to watch Rathbone's brilliant take, but I am going to get there, eventually.
However, I was so amazed by "the guy who plays Sherlock" (that's how I called Ben before registering his name. That is to say, five minutes into the pilot) that I had to research his other works. And what a fantastic idea I had, too. I am in awe of his (apparently limitless) acting talents, and impressed that such a benevolent human being walks on the earth. Benedict is just a beautiful rare gem. I am aware there are others, though they don't hold the same interest to me.
I admire both Sherlock Holmes and Benedict. It is hard to say whether I am more bennadicted or sherlocked, so I'll settle for both (what do you mean, that doesn't answer the question?).

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March 4, 2015 5:39 pm  #104

Re: "Benaddicted" vs "Sherlocked"?

Haha, Sherlockismydrug, "gateway drug" is a perfect phrase! I only saw the first episode of Sherlock by accident--I wasn't going to watch it because I didn't trust the modern characters to be the same as the original ACD characters--and it hooked me straightaway! And like Lilythiell, after watching that first episode, I just HAD to go looking for more information about "the guy who plays Sherlock," because I was totally amazed that anyone could take such an iconic role, keep everything that makes the character who he is, and not only move him believably forward in time but make him at the same time a unique new character. A good part of that is the writing, of course, but a lot of it is the performance. Other actors know it--have you noticed that so often when Benedict meets another actor, the other actor finds an opportunity to praise his Sherlock? They know how difficult a trick that is. So I was immediately a massive fan of "Sherlock," and that led me to being a fan of Benedict as well.

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