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December 7, 2017 9:07 am  #161

Re: These "series 4 is the last" rumours

kgreen20 wrote:

Well, if they're going to wait until Cumberbatch and Freeman are old and gray, they may as well just go ahead and announce the show's permanent cancellation, and have done with it.  No use in even planning to bring out a 5th season sometime in the future, if we'll all going to be in our rocking chairs and leaning on canes, if not dead, by the time it's ever made.

However, Moffat and Gatiss haven't announced the show's cancellation yet.  And as long as they don't, there's a chance that there will be a Season 5.

Yeah, I also think that if the only plan is to wait twenty years until B&M clear their schedules, it would be more honest to announce the cancellation, so if they are not doing that yet, maybe there's a small possibility that we will have it earlier.  

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December 8, 2017 7:20 am  #162

Re: These "series 4 is the last" rumours

I think Moffat is just throwing out ideas. It doesn't mean that their definite plan is to wait 30 years for a follow-up.

I do think Elemental has a point, though. Where can the show go from here? Seeing as there will probably be at least five years (maybe even more) from S4 to S5, they can't depend on prequels and flashbacks, because both Ben and Martin would be too old for that. And I do agree that they can't just go on with "the case of the week", I think both Ben and Martin would get bored really fast if they did that. And so would probably the fans.

In addition most of the major and most well-known ACD stories are now done in previous seasons. So what's left to do? But, yeah, there is another thread open now for this discussion. 

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