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October 11, 2017 12:04 pm  #41

Re: Eurus Holmes

I think that Mary telling Sherlock to pick a fight with a dangerous villain and Faith getting Sherlock interested in CS doesn't mean anything by itself - I strongly suspect most villains are dangerous and there should be lots of them in London, so Sherlock shouldn't have any trouble finding one (if he went out looking, instead of transforming his kitchen into a drug lab...)

However, SusiGo may still be right: Euros says "a common friend" brought her and CS together, and then the camera cuts to the hidden "Miss Me" in the note. Which I assumed to mean the common friend was Moriarty - but since Mary has taken to labelling her DVDs "Miss Me" as well - who knows?

(However, I am firmly convinced that Mary taking the bullet meant for Sherlock once and for all puts paid to the "evil Mary" theory! Not to mention that if we accept Euros having the capacity to influence people that Mycroft ascribes to her, everybody who has had contact with her is exonarated from their actions... )


October 17, 2017 10:05 am  #42

Re: Eurus Holmes

Another good reason - almost a requirement - for a Mary/Eurus connection:  How did Eurus know the perfect moment for broadcasting the Moriarty message? It could have been Mycroft, but he seems genuinely surprised by the message even while being all alone in his car (or was he acting surprise for the driver?) Could she have figured it out all on her own - maybe, but with what as a starting point? Even a genius needs something to latch on, I'd think.

Whereas I'd consider it possible for Mary to have been a guard in Sherrinford at some point, thus allowing a connection to Eurus. And when Mary learned of Sherlock's leaving, she might have at least told Eurus (who then figured out that he wasn't expected to return and decided to do something about it), or she might have directly asked for Eurus's help. 

And of course a nurse would be in a good position to learn about suspicious deaths in a hospital...

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Today 10:32 pm  #43

Re: Eurus Holmes

SusiGo wrote:

Rache wrote:

This is maybe the opportunity for another related theme. I just wonder if there is place in here for it or better in another thread.
It is, that for some months now, I more and more fail to understand Eurus' intentions.

I agree. I have tried to come up with an explanation of her intentions but I still fail to see it. What we are told to believe is basically this: 

Moriarty started his Sherlock campaign before the beginning of ASiP and independently of anything Eurus may have planned. About the time of ASiB Christmas Eurus got interested in Moriarty and told Mycroft to bring him to her as a Christmas present. From then on we get all these actions by Moriarty and Eurus: provoking Sherlock up to the fall, the Miss Me video, luring John away from Mary, the whole Culverton Smith case, the murder of the real therapist, the bomb attack on 221b, the killing of the governor and his wife, the killing of the three Garridebs, provoking Sherlock to murder either his brother or his best friend … right?

But for what? For a hug? I really do not get it. 

I would like to come back to this now.

And I want to focus on everything Eurus did and her intentions in Sherrinford in TFP. Thinking about the greater backgroundstory with Moriarty etc. it gets only more confusing, so I'll leave that out for the moment...

Ok, I think we can agree that Eurus is a lost soul since childhood. She always wanted to play with Sherlock and wanted to be saved by him, right? We see her playing with that toy plane in a flashback and during TFP she is basically still playing with/in the plane. The song she sung was in fact a hint for Sherlock as a child, that she needed his help and his love. Sherlock thought the song would lead him to his friend Victor though. The adult Eurus is asking Sherlock: "So why couldn't you work it [the song] out?" "Emotional context, Sherlock!". I'm not sure what she does mean by that? Was Sherlock too emotional as a child, that he thought it was about Victor, so that you couldn't see what the song was truly about=save Eurus? Or was he lacking emotional context, because he didn't get the clue about "love" and "nemo=noone" in the song?
What was she doing to the three of them in Sherrinford? She "experimented" with them to see how they would react in very emotional/moral/life and death situations, right? And she is basically trying to show them that emotions are absurd? That emotions cloud any objective view? That emotions don't get you anywhere? That the best thing to solve her puzzles would be pure brainwork? In the Molly experiment Eurus even told him "Oh look what you did to her. Look, what you did to yourself! All those complicated little emotions, I lost count."
So where is she trying to get him? I'm so confused. She is basically shown as a person who doesn't understand emotions since childhood, her intellect is hindering her. And isn't she trying to get Sherlock to that same point in Sherrinford? But in order to solve her riddle now, Sherlock must be the emotional being so he can understand that she needs him? But how can Eurus know and decide that she must get Sherlock to be emotional, when she herself doesn't really understand emotions? And she is doing quite the opposite with her experiments, doesn't she?

Do you have some ideas or answers?

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