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April 28, 2017 11:35 pm  #1

Series 4 in German - finally!

Finally, finally, finally we get the German translation of series 4! On June the 4th, the 5th and the 11th.

So nearly half a year later, when all the international hype and talk has disappeared. It will have been a long wait, but I am really looking forward to it. Series 4 is still quite "fresh" to me, because I only watched the episodes 1-2 times and it has been in January.
And I guess for me, it will even be a bit as if I was experiencing it new. No matter what some people might say about dubbing, I enjoy a good dub very much!!!
And no matter how well I understand English (if you are drawn completely into a film, I often times "forget" that I am watching in a different language), I believe it still is a different thing to watch something in your mother tongue. How do I explain this best? Firstly, in your mother tongue, you definetely understand every tiny nuance of the expressed emotion. And every word can get a certain meaning to it, depending on how you emphasise it. Words you know so well, words you use and hear every day, and in the context of the storyline, you suddenly realise the power behind them. And maybe the words and emotions are affecting you more personally, are getting closer to your heart and soul. Because chances are higher that you have experienced the same or a similar situation. You have witnessed how easy or hard it is to say certain things, witnessed the effects face to face, witnessed that there can be different reactions from different people to the same thing, words and sayings you will have experimented with in your own voice hundreds and thousands of times, and so on...

Also I see the dubbing as a kind of art or work and I like to judge how good or bad it was done. Translated text, voice acting, lip movement...

Look here on the homepage of the ARD

in the description for TLD they already spoil Mar's death :/
they translated "lying" into "l├╝gend", when it also can mean "liegend". Of course,in this case it's not possible to translate the ambiguity, but I would have thought that they would would probably choose "liegend", because the main topic in my opinion is, that Sherlock is lying in a hospital bed to "solve" the case and not that he is telling lies in this ep.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to it. A question for you French people: Is your dub out yet? I know you have to wait longer as well.

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