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March 23, 2017 2:06 pm  #61

Re: Broadchurch (Spoilers!)

I'm sure we will find out about Daisy sooner or later, Chris Chibnall certainly wouldn't open that door and then not deliver any answers.
And I agree, episode 4 was wonderful. Even more beautiful and funny scenes with Alec and Ellie - they really behave like an old married couple. It's a highlight for me to watch Ellie make fun of Alec and to see Alec's grumpy reactions.

I only wish there'd be the possibility for another season... I already know for sure that I'll crave for more once season 3 is over.

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March 24, 2017 8:39 am  #62

Re: Broadchurch (Spoilers!)

Solar "forced" me to write something in here... so here I am.

Really enjoyed S3 so far. I'm glad that they were able to keep the atmosphere which I really love about that show. This time not choosing a murder for the case is something different and shows that it nevertheless can be very thrilling.
What can I say about Ellie and Alec? Just love them. How they interact with each other... just funny but also serious, when it comes to a point which needs it. 
Yes, Solar, they are like an old married couple.

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