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October 6, 2013 10:10 am  #21

Re: Mycroft/ Sherlock - relationship turning for better in Season 3 ?

I actually like the brotherly, love-hate relatioship between the Holmes so I really hope they would keep it the same. Despite the different life styles and ideas for things, I think they have a really strong bond together. After all, Microft is the one of the few people who are at Sherlock's level. I just love how they could simply read each other's mind and never got surprised about one another's crazy decisions. Plus, they grew up together and I truly believe Mycroft helped shape Sherlock the way he is. And it seemed like Sherlock was the most chidish when he was around Mycroft and I love it! Though Mycroft is one of the few people who knows Sherlock's still alive, he is Sherlock's number 1 supporting source by providing him a perfect cover and money for traveling as well as keeping his room for 3 years. I don't think their bond needs to get any better than that. After all, both of them aren't the loving type who would give each other a "let have a beer and talk about your day".


October 9, 2013 9:42 am  #22

Re: Mycroft/ Sherlock - relationship turning for better in Season 3 ?

I think they have a beautiful and strong bond. They obviously care about each other immensely. Mycroft's worry is touching and Sherlock's childish behaviour, and obvious irritation, shows that he cares enough about his brother for him to effect him in such a huge way. I love them both and the writer's are amazing for creating such a complex relationship between them which makes us want more.

I don't want a full reconciliation between them just yet because the dynamics between them work so well as it is but I yearn to see a moment where the connection is blatantly obvious then they go back to the way they were because they are uncomfortable crossing the bridge of reconciliation.

I have this headcanon where Mycroft is in on the plan up to a point but then Sherlock has to improvise and cannot tell Mycroft as they have to keep up appearances of their estrangement. This means Mycroft doesn't know about the plan to jump off the roof and he genuinely believes Sherlock has died. He rushes to the morgue and Molly takes him to Sherlock. When he sees him he almost breaks down and hugs him before returning to his usual cool, calm and collected self.

If this was to become canon I would burst from the feels x

He does love to be dramatic.
Well, thank god you're above all that!

October 9, 2013 9:59 am  #23

Re: Mycroft/ Sherlock - relationship turning for better in Season 3 ?

Sounds fab.
Unfortunately, I don't think it's going to happen.
I think if you needed to disappear for some time, Mycroft would be your man.


October 9, 2013 11:12 am  #24

Re: Mycroft/ Sherlock - relationship turning for better in Season 3 ?

I also think the Holmes brothers already have a very strong bond. (Just think of the morgue scene in "A Scandal". Mycroft Holmes lecturing his little brother on the advantages of not caring, and the moment Sherlock is out of the building he is on the phone with 221b to make sure Sherlock won't be alone when he gets there.)
 They would be loath to admit how much they care though, and this is part of the beauty of their relationship, so I am not sure I would even want it to change that much.
But I would be very happy to learn a bit more about the Holmes brothers' background in series 3, and I think we will be getting just that.


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