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February 29, 2012 5:19 pm  #1

Evil Sherlock? (A Moriarty/Sherlock roleplay on Omegle)

I was playing Jim...but taking part really made me think about a few things (will discuss at the end - read it first!)

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Question to discuss: Omegle is a bit slow tonight doncha think?

Stranger: I've thought about your offer. -SH
You: What offer might that be? -JM
Stranger: You said before... it could be interesting if we were to work together. -SH
You: Yes, but I don't know if I could trust you....especially after that stunt you pulled on the rooftop. - JM
Stranger: Why is that? You did the same thing. -SH
You: Yes, but you didn't hold up your end of the were supposed to die, remember? -JM
Stranger: No, I was supposed to fall. -SH
Stranger: And I did. -SH
You: Oh you certainly did...fell in more ways than one. How's your reputation these days? -JM
Stranger: You know how it is. Rather unfortunate. It did make me realise a few things though. -SH
Stranger: They turned against me faster than I thought they would. I'm a bit insulted. -SH
You: You should know by now, ordinary people can be so fickle...I'm surprised little Johnny boy still sticks by you. -JM
Stranger: You know as well as I do that I haven't seen him since. -SH
You: Oh yes but he still upholds your innocence, to anyone who will listen in fact...he's very loyal. It's sweet. -JM
Stranger: Interesting. This isn't really about him though. Don't tell me you've changed your mind. -SH
You: I haven't. You and I could set the world on fire Sherlock...two great minds like ours, working together...just think of all the fun we could have. -JM
Stranger: It's hard to explain, but that makes more sense now. I'm not sure why it didn't before. -SH
You: We're the same'd never have to get bored ever again. -JM
Stranger: I'm interested, Jim. Things are making much more sense since the fall. I should really thank you. -SH
You: I'm pleased you're starting to see things my way....I still worry though...worry that you're too...nice. -JM
Stranger: Oh? -SH
You: Yes...too good...on the side of the angels. You wouldn't be willing to play the same games as me. You wouldn't have the nerve. -JM
Stranger: I disagree. Everything seems different now. I want this. -SH
You: And what about John? What would he think? -JM
Stranger: I didn't even think of him. I think I'm starting to care less. I'm just tired of being bored. -SH
You: Well in that case dear Sherlock...let's start having fun. Where shall we start? -JM
Stranger: Anywhere. -SH
You: I have some ideas...we need to meet up. For a pot of tea. -JM
Stranger: Sounds fine. Any place in mind? -SH
You: St Barts? Or would it bring back too many bad memories? -JM
Stranger: Not exactly the place I'd go to when I want tea, but there is a nice cafe across the street from Barts. Is that fine? -SH
You: OK. Will you be in disguise or in all your usual glory? -JM
Stranger: I think disguise. -SH
You: Good idea. Nobody knows you're alive yet...and we should wait for an opportune moment to let them all find out. -JM
Stranger: I'm not far from the cafe. I can be there in about five minutes. -SH
Stranger: What about you? Doesn't everyone think you're dead as well? -SH
You: There were no reports of my death in the papers, unlike yours. I'm just a poor actor exploited by the evil Sherlock Holmes. -JM
Stranger: Then I guess I'll know who to look for, /Richard/. -SH
You: Yes, I'm here now. I took the liberty of ordering you a cup of tea. -JM
Stranger: *walks into the cafe, spotting Jim he sits down at the table.* How thoughtful.
You: I didn't know if you took sugar.
Stranger: Yes, I do. *prepares his tea before taking a sip*
You: You're looking well. For a dead guy.
Stranger: Thank you. I thought the ginger look was a bit much at first, but it's grown on me.
You: Yes, it suits you....
You: business...
Stranger: Yes?
You: We need to start big...
Stranger: Oh? Have something in mind?
You: Well...I had a few ideas...about your so called "friends" in the police force.
You: Those friends who could so easily have you arrested, so easily disbelieve you, so easily mark you down as a fake.
Stranger: Do tell.
You: The woman...what was her name? That woman cop...
Stranger: Donovan.
You: That's, what a bitch.
Stranger: You don't know the half of it.
You: God I wish someone would teach her a lesson....and that half wit she hangs around with.
Stranger: Oh, *smirks* they do more than 'hang out.' And they think they're being secretive.
You: No one can be secretive around you're too clever for that.
Stranger: So, do you have a plan or are we playing this by ear?
You: Well...we should start with those two. They're our targets.
Stranger: That sounds fun.
You: Now you're's going to be lots of fun, and there's so many options.
You: There's kidnapping of course...I'm good at them.
You: Hostage taking...another speciality
You: Bombings....God I love them...
Stranger: I noticed.
You: But really musn't let me steal all the limelight...not again...not now we' I'll let you have the final say.
Stranger: Well... Anderson does have a wife. And she doesn't know anything about his little affair. If we were to take her and Donovan... make him choose. Kill both, of course. But forcing him to make that choice might break him. ....too cliche?
You: No, no, no, I like it, I like it! It sounds so my we're going to have SUCH fun...
You: I know the perfect place to take them, I have a lot of empty buildings on my books.
Stranger: I'll bet you do. Just like I bet you knew how much I've always hated him.
You: Exactly....which is why I knew this would be an ideal plan to ease you into my world...
You: We'll have to let people know of course, there's no point having fun if no one can see you....
Stranger: What? Some sort of closed circuit video feed?
Stranger: Route it into the police station?
You: And to the media...they'll have to beg for their lives...on camera.
Stranger: Fine by me.
You: Delightful. We'll have all of London's best desperately trying to find us....oh wait hang on....we are London's best.
Stranger: *smiles* Considering the topic of conversation we're more like the worst.
You: *rubs hands* Oh Sherlock I've waited all my life for a partner like you...finally an equal...someone who understands....
Stranger: And you meant it? I'll never be bored again?
You: There are SO many games we can play...the fun can be endless, unimaginable possibilities....
Stranger: Then let's get started.
You: When? When d'you want to do this?
Stranger: How soon can everything be prepared?
You: I'll make a few phone calls...I can get us a location almost immediately...then we just need our unwilling participants.
Stranger: That shouldn't be too difficult. Broadcast it tonight then? Or tomorrow morning and make them wait a while?
You: Hmmm. Maybe keep them missing a while first...get everyone worried and panicking.
You: Do you know Anderson's address? I can arrange for his wife to be collected.
Stranger: Yes, I have it here. *slides phone over*
You: *types it onto phone*. Excellent...what time do Donovan and Anderson finish at the station?
Stranger: Anderson should be out early, he usually ducks out around four...
Stranger: Donovan will be later, paperwork and things of the sort. Six to seven, I'd say.
You: I'll have my men do the dirty work...then I'll text you the address and meet you there later...sound OK?
Stranger: Sounds fine to me.
You: Are you having fun yet?
Stranger: I think I am. A bit. *he grins*
You: How about we have a camera set up in the police station so we can laugh at them all trying to figure it out?
Stranger: That would be great. Make sure there's audio. That's the best part.
You: I have a contact in's easily done...
You: Well Sherlock...I've got calls to make...I'd better be off.
You: It's been a delight to see you again.
Stranger: Yes, this was good.
Stranger: I'll see you in a bit then?
You: I look forward to it. I'll text you around 8pm.
Stranger: Until then.
You: *holds out hand to shake*
Stranger: Let's hope this goes different than last time I shook your hand. *takes his hand*
You: *smiles*. I look forward to a long partnership together Sherlock.
Stranger: As do I.
You: *stands up, brushes down suit and leaves cafe*
Stranger: *finishes his tea before leaving himself*
You: //good on tumblr?
Stranger: //yeah, you?
You: //
Stranger: //cool
You: //nice one, mind if i tumblr this?
Stranger: //feel free
You: //cool...see you later then!
Stranger: //laterz
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Basically...I was thinking...if we were to carry on the roleplay....would Sherlock have shopped Moriarty into the police? Was he genuinely evil or just playing Jim at his own game?

Whilst in character I got the feeling throughout that Sherlock was playing me and that I knew he wasn't really evil, but I also had the idea that HE knew that I knew he wasn't evil, if you know what I mean...and that made me think about the whole dynamics of Sherlock and Jim's relationship. They're both as clever as each other, they're both playing games and they both know that each other KNOWS they're playing games...what do you think? It's kind of hard to explain but it's as if they both know what the other one is thinking and what they're going to do next, and if that were true, then maybe they both knew what the outcome would be at the end of Reichenbach...?

Could Sherlock ever turn evil?


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Eventually everyone will support Johnlock.

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February 29, 2012 6:39 pm  #2

Re: Evil Sherlock? (A Moriarty/Sherlock roleplay on Omegle)

That was a loooong conversation XD really cool!
I don't think Sherlock ever will turn evil, he did save Lestrade, John and Mrs Hudson by jumping. I kind of got the impression that he was playing with you/Moriarty, maybe to try to finally get to kill moriarty or something like that. Both really good at RPGing! That was a really good one! 

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February 29, 2012 9:06 pm  #3

Re: Evil Sherlock? (A Moriarty/Sherlock roleplay on Omegle)

Thanks - it was fun! First time I've ever played Jim, never realised how good it could be being bad!

Eventually everyone will support Johnlock.

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July 13, 2014 4:55 pm  #4

Re: Evil Sherlock? (A Moriarty/Sherlock roleplay on Omegle)

i love jim. i'm always attracted to the bad characters.... sometimes i wonder where my morals are, i really do...

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