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June 1, 2012 7:07 am  #1

List of All Weekly Quiz Questions So Far

For newer members - you can now try all the quizzes without seeing other people's answers in the main threads.

22nd March 2012:
Set by Sherlock Holmes
1. Where did Sherlock Holmes keep his tobacco?
2. What was the curious incident of the dog in the night time?
3. The original Bruce Partington plans are referring to what specifically?
4. What type of horse drawn carriages were popular in Victorian times and featured heavily in the stories?
5. Between what years did Holmes reside at Baker Street?
6. Apart from playing the violin, doing experiments and solving crimes, what other hobby did Holmes enjoy?
7. According to Dr Watson's account, what year was "The Legend of the Hound of the Baskervilles" written?
8. Which publication first featured a Sherlock Holmes story and what year was it published?
9. Where are the Reichenbach Falls?
10. What degree did Moriarty study at University?

29th March 2012
Set by kazza474
1. What real life person was the inspiration for Sherlock Holmes and who was his assistant?
2. Who does this describe? "A lean, ferret-like man, furtive and sly-looking, was waiting for us upon the platform."
3. What is odd about Holmes' housekeeper in "Scandal in Bohemia" ?
4. What is the 'seven percent solution' referring to?
5. What building was at the real 221 Baker Street?
6. Whose murder was Sherlock investigating when he had a dummy hanging in the flat?
7. Who is Mrs Hudson's next door neighbour?
8. In the Blind Banker, what was the name of the shop the murdered men delivered the smuggled goods to and where was an item from there seen in Scandal?
9. What are the names of the manager & barman at the pub in Grimpen Village?
10. Name the person who posted this message and name the person whose blog it was posted on: "Yeah! I can't believe I've never seen Glee before! LOVED IT!"

10th April 2012
Set by Wholocked
1) What is the significance of John's blog counter being stuck on 1895?
2) What was the name of the cabbie in Study in Pink, and why?
3) Which line did Benedict lament as being poorly delivered in A Scandal in Belgravia? (source: commentary)
4) What was the key feature of Martin Freeman's audition that landed him the role?
5) Who has been replaced in A Scandal in Belgravia?
6) What does HOUND stand for?
7) Page 15, Entry 1
8) Where did Ian Monkford go?
9) What's John's theory about the rivalry between Mycroft and Sherlock?
10) Who are the three directors who've worked on Sherlock, which episodes did they direct, and which of them had not worked with Moffat before?

25th May 2012
Set by sherlockskitty
1.  In the Great Game,  what appeared on Sherlock's little magnifier when he was looking for blood on Joe Harrison's windowsill? 
2.  In Scandal, what part of Sherlock did Irene touch, before she stabbed him with the drugged needle?
3.   In Study, What was the Cabbie's  mistake?         
4.  In Hounds,  when did Sherlock tell Henry and John that he WAS  going to Dartmoor after all? 
5.  What was the "Reichenbach Fall"  and who did it?   
6.   In Scandal,  what did Mycroft Holmes say about the Secret Service? 
7.  In Study,  what did the Cabbie's gun do,  when he pointed it at Sherlock and pulled the trigger? 
8.   In  Blind Banker, what was the title of the book that the smugglers were using to crack their cipher? 
9.   In  Great Game,  what is the main clue of Janus Cars?
10.   In  Hounds, who gave Sherlock his "cell number"? 

31st May 2012
Set by Irene_Adler
1. In Study in Pink, why does Sherlock deduce Clara is Harry's wife?
2. In Study in Pink, what did Sherlock prove Angelo was doing instead of commiting a triple murder?
3. In The Blind Banker, what did Mrs Hudson thought Sherlock wanted so many books for?
4. In The Great Game, how much weight does Sherlock say Molly has put on since he last saw her?
5. In The Great Game, what was the name of Connie Prince's cat?
6. In Scandal in Belgravia, what Christmas Carol is Sherlock playing at the beginning of the Christmas party?
7. In Scandal in Belgravia, what was the combination of numbers to open Irene Adler's safe and what did they stand for?
8. In The Hounds of Baskerville, what was the name of Henry's therapist?
9. In The Reichenbach Fall, what did Sherlock say Moriarty was doing during the trial?
10. In The Reichenbach Fall, how many times did Scotland Yard ask Sherlock for help, according to Anderson?

5th June 2012
Set by sherlockskitty
1. There is one main similarity between BBC s The Great Game (Jim Moriarty) and with Hounds Of Baskerville (Bob Frankland)) What did those men give to Sherlock? (Hint it has to do with a certain kind of number)
2. In BBC s Hounds episode, John noticed a receipt for Meat Supplies at the vegetarian restaurant. The first word on that paper has a connection to a name that is familiar to Arthur Conan Doyle (and his followers). What is it?
3. There s a dog in Arthur Conan Doyle s canon story The Sign Of Four and in the 1986 movie called The Great Mouse Detective with the same name. What is the dog s name?
4. What two creators/writers of BBC s Sherlock also write for Doctor Who?
5. There is one similarity between BBC s Scandal in Belgravia (The driver of the backfiring car) and Doyle s story called The Priory School (The Headmaster/teacher). What did both men do, upon arriving at 221B Baker Street?
6. In BBC s Great Game, there s something painted on Sherlock s wall above his couch, which he shot at, and which sort of reminds me of a Doyle canon story. What is painted on the wall, and what story does it remind YOU of?

9th June 2012
Set by Tantalus
1. Every story has a beginning. What words did Dr. Watson first hear Holmes say?
2. Ladies (especially), what colour are the eyes of our detective friend (bonus points if you tell the story in which this information is found)?
3. Each story (or nearly so) gives us a glimpse into Holmes' special deductive powers. What brilliant deduction is the very first one that, through Watson's eyes, we get to see?
4. Most of the stories have Dr. Watson as narrarator. Four of them do not. Which are they, and, for those, who relates each drama?
5. Easily, the most popular image of Sherlock Holmes is with his deerstalker hat, Inverness cape, and calabash pipe. In which canon story do we first see Holmes portrayed in this manner?
6. No one would call Dr. Watson an immoral man, but we do see hints of one particular vice in stories such as "The Dancing Men" and "Shoscombe Old Place". What weakness do these stories (and perhaps one or two others) suggest or show?
7. The best-known illustrator of the stories that appeared in The Strand magazine was a relatively unknown artist. Name the man who gave Holmes his handsome, scholarly, dignified aura.
8. All good things must come to an end. What is the last case (chronologically) that we see Holmes and Watson solving as one unit?
9. Related to Holmes retirement, Dr. Watson tells us that Holmes has removed to the Sussex Downs, and occupies himself primarily in two fields of study. What are these two fields?
10. Yikes! Almost done... Watson leaves the rooms at 221B Baker Street at one point, and then returns to live with Holmes again later. Why did he come back, and why did he originally go?
11. Moriarty, arch-nemesis of Holmes, never actually meets Dr. Watson. He gets all his information about the professor from Holmes. What is unusual about the way Holmes introduces Watson to Moriarty in the canon? I suspect this question might be hard to follow. I can't make my meaning more clear without giving away the answer. PM me if you wish, and I'll give any hints that I can.
Bonus: Hidden within the questions themselves is a clue as to what Holmes himself might think of this quiz. Can you find it? Note: If you think you know, feel free to post your answer, but please give us a ***Spoiler*** alert so as not to ruin the fun for others.

18th June 2012
Set by kazza474
WHO said WHAT to WHO and WHERE - Just answer XXX said  YYYY  to  ZZZZ in the book  VVVVVVV
I will give you a partial quote; fill in the whole quote & details
eg Molly said "I don't even like  Quavers" to John in "The Case of the missing Sociopath"

1. WHO said   "How often have I said to you that when you .... WHAT............." to WHO  and in WHICH book?
2. WHO said  " It is the unofficial force - the... WHAT.............." to WHO  and in WHICH book?
3.  WHO said  "The fair sex is... WHAT.............. to WHO  and in WHICH book?
4. WHO said "To the curious incident ... WHAT.............. to WHO  and in WHICH book?
5. WHO said "They were the footprints ... WHAT.............. to WHO  and in WHICH book?

BBC Sherlock - These require some searching online. Once you get one, you will have a clue to the others:
6. How did John get kidnapped by Moriaty & taken to the pool?
7.  What is Sarah's last name? 
8. How old did Connie Prince claim to be?
9. How old is Molly Hooper?
And lastly, we need one with bonus points:
10. How many innocent people's deaths were documented in The Great Game and (for bonus points) how many were attributed to Moriarty?

29th June 2012
Set by Sherlock Holmes

1. How many steps are there up to 221B?
2. Which story involves a poisonous hallucinating gas?
3. What is the name of Irene Adler's fiance?
4. Which story opens up with Holmes deducing Watson's thoughts just by looking at his facial expression? BONUS: Tell us how
5. What was the name of Holmes' only friend at college?
6. Where did Holmes live before Baker Street?
7. Who is their client in The Copper Beeches?
8. How can Holmes tell that Watson has been unwell just by looking at his slippers? BONUS: Which story is it in?
9. What is the name of Holmes' page boy/errand boy?
10. What does Holmes write on the wall of the flat in bullet holes?

12th July
Set by Molly Hooper

So, the first half of this quiz will work a little differently, I have given you the answer and you have to think of a suitable question that would make this answer correct!
1.    Clicks fingers   
2.    Men
3.    Raz
4.    Vase
5.    Paul Smith
Now, we’re back to normal…
6.    What colour should Mrs. Hudson not wear? Bonus: And why?
7.    Who was the Lady in Pink? (name)
8.    How many people were killed by the old lady getting shot?
9.    What is the real name of the Golem?
10.    What is the name of the Widow’s Terrier?

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