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October 7, 2012 7:20 pm  #41

Re: "Sherlock fell for Irene"

hypergreenfrog wrote:

horserider99 wrote:

I didn't watch the scene with Irene not wearing any clothes, so I was wondering, what happened? I really don't like how this season in general depicts Sherlock as a weak person, especially in this episode.  It was a bit of a downer after the first season, but I think they'll bring it up to par again this next season.

Why did you not watch that scene? It's very good, and explains exactly what it is that fascinates Sherlock about Irene, as Mattlocked already explained.

I assume from your self description that you a fairly young person, so I understand why you might consider Sherlock's behaviour in certain scenes of Scandal and Reichenbach to be signs of weakness.
But please remember is that being a strong person doesn't mean being right every time, it means knowing when you're wrong and admiting that you've made a mistake.
When you fall, when you lose, when you have nobody left who believes in you, but find the strengh to get back up and try again, that is truly worthy of respect.

Also, a story about a man who is always right, never makes mistakes, never changes and always wins would be more like a children's comic book story, wouldn't it?
Finally, the original Sherlock Holmes from ACD's books was not infallible, so why should "our" modern Sherlock be?

I did not realize that because I preferred something more hopeful and bright that I was making myself appear young. I hope that I did express weakness as a bad thing. I did not prefer it used for a person I admire so much because of their strength. And why can our fictional characters not create a greater standard for us?


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