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September 14, 2022 9:32 pm  #1


I just was looking at Benedict's IMDB page and I noticed a title I had not heard of before called Morning. Apparently Laura Dern will also be in it. 

It describes it like this: "A society with a pill that does away the need to sleep and an artificial sun, there is no end to morning daylight, living and work. The younger generation of the society consider rebelling to reclaim their dreams." The last sentence seems a bit silly-sounding, but it could be an interesting premise, especially since there's been a lot of criticism of work schedules and ideas in culture about work lately, and the TV series Severance. I'll be curious to hear more about this as things are announced (assuming this project still goes ahead).
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September 15, 2022 8:16 am  #2

Re: Morning

That sounds oddly familiar.  I wonder if it's based on a book that I might have heard of.  Will look into it, thank you!


September 15, 2022 6:06 pm  #3

Re: Morning

Now that you mention it, it's funny, it's actually a similar premise to a Sherlock fanfiction I came across years ago, where the population was divided into one half that lived and worked during the day and the other that lived and worked at night, and Sherlock and John were each from one of those halves. Not exactly the same, but sort of similar.
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September 17, 2022 7:24 am  #4

Re: Morning
That's funny that there is a fan fiction that's similar too!  I found this article which doesn't say anything about a book, so I must have just have something similar in the back of my mind. 
It looks like Benedict won't be in it for very long!  But I'm interested that he's cast as Laura Dern's character's husband, when he's a few years younger.  Hollywood tends to always cast a younger "wife" in couples (either a much younger actress or one who looks younger!), whereas most real life couples I know are similar in age. 
I can't seem to see much more news on it apart from the press release earlier this year.


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