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March 21, 2022 10:12 pm  #1

Eurovision 2022 Turin

Just thought I'd start a thread for this year's competition!  I haven't heard all the entries yet but I have a couple of favourites already!


March 22, 2022 2:54 pm  #2

Re: Eurovision 2022 Turin

Oh, thanks Liberty!

I must admit I haven't listened to all of them, either (though there's a recap video of all 40 songs that got uploaded today, so maybe I'll watch that). Some of them I've listened to part of, others are already earworms. Which ones do you like so far?

I like Poland's entry, it's the one I've listened to the most.
I'm not sure what I think of Norway, but it's gotten stuck in my head more than once, and it definitely fits into the weird and quirky side of Eurovision! Since I follow a a TIX fan account on Twitter and was aware of MGP as it was happening (TIX gave a great performance, so different from his Eurovision one but really nice), I have seen a lot of the buzz about trying to guess who Subwoolfer is (at some point some people wondered if they were Ylvis, but I think that theory got shot down eventually). TIX has been hinting that there's some connection with him, that he would be involved when the identities were revealed, but I don't think he's either of the wolves. I had wondered if maybe his brother Mathias is the astronaut DJ character, but I'm not so sure anymore since he posted a joke TikTok about his brother being in Subwoolfer... That being said, I don't know many Norwegian celebrities, so I probably won't know who the people are even when they are revealed!

I have to admit, some of the ones I've listened to I've forgotten about afterwards. One that sticks in my mind, though, is Serbia! I don't remember the tune of the song, but I watched the video of the performance at their national final with the English subtitles on, and I think it's an interesting response to wellness culture and celebrity obsession. 
I kind of like Estonia's song, even though it's maybe not the most interesting. I read that the singer has tried to get into Eurovision three times (I think it was three) before actually winning, so I admire his persistence if nothing else!
I don't know if it will be one of my favourites, but I think I like Latvia's better than last year's. I can't tell if it's making fun of efforts to be sustainable, or if they just want to present an environmental message in a funny way. 
I don't remember the song much, but I think the singer from Australia has a good voice. He actually auditioned for America's Got Talent a couple of years ago, though I can't remember him making it very far despite his good voice, so it's cool to see him re-emerging in Eurovision.

I've noticed quite a few rock acts! More than last year. I think it's likely because Italy won with a rock band last year, more people think they could win if they enter. I guess it's not that surprising, but I still find it a bit interesting.

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March 23, 2022 9:14 am  #3

Re: Eurovision 2022 Turin

That's interesting about the Tix connection!  I haven't been following and had no idea.  I don't like the Norway song nearly as much as Fallen Angel, though. (Just listening to the MGP performance now after reading your post!).

I'm a bit wary of mentioning any favourites yet as I find some I like straight away and others grow on me, and also I haven't listened to them all.   The ones that have jumped out at me so far:

Sweden: this is my current favourite and one that I want to listen to over and over! 

Ukraine: I don't like it as much as last year, but it still has the folk influence, and of course we're all rooting for Ukraine at the moment.

Spain: just a fun dance song

Australia: big, dramatic song, which reminds me a little of Rise Like A Phoenix which is one of my all-time favourites!  But like you, I'm finding the tune isn't sticking in my head (yet).

Also liking France, Cyprus, Estonia, Belgium (on second listen, this is edging up!) and Austria! 

I really need to try to listen to them all, as I haven't heard some of the ones you've mentioned yet!  Then have a few re-listens and narrow it down.  I keep looking out for minor keys after our discussion last year!  There are loads in minor keys. 

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March 23, 2022 3:06 pm  #4

Re: Eurovision 2022 Turin

Yes, I don't know if I really have favourites yet, either. What I wrote were just my early impressions so far.

I agree with you about Ukraine. I do like the combination of contemporary and traditional. Apparently the guy playing that traditional Ukrainian instrument (kind of like a flute) is the same guy who performed with Go_A last year, which is kind of cool. I wonder if they will be able to make it to the competition, if the situation in Ukraine doesn't get any better.

I listened to that recap I mentioned, and it reminded me of the Slovenian song, Disko. I had listened to it before but had forgotten it. But I like the feel of that one, as well, a little bit retro. I like the group's outfits, too!
I also like that Moldova went with a more traditional feel for their song this year. I think it's upbeat and fun and the video for it is fun. I don't really understand what the song is supposed to mean, exactly, even though the music video has English subtitles. I'm not sure what they're trying to say with some of the lyrics.

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March 23, 2022 8:03 pm  #5

Re: Eurovision 2022 Turin

Oh, that's great that it's the guy from Go_A!  I thought the sound was similar but didn't recognise him.  They were one of my favourites (if not the favourite!) last year.  I've watched the recap too, but think I will have listen to some of the songs a bit more, and take some notes!  Yes, the Moldova video makes me smile!  I've kind of ignored the UK entry but it's growing on me.  Mind you I thought UK last year was OK, just the performance on the night was a bit off.   The Serbian video is great, but the tune isn't really grabbing me. I kind of like Ireland!

It's really interesting that the French entry is in Breton: a bit like if the UK entry were in Welsh!  I think it's great!

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March 24, 2022 10:25 pm  #6

Re: Eurovision 2022 Turin

I don't think I realized that about the French entry. I thought maybe it was in Arabic, but I wasn't sure. It's cool to hear songs in languages I don't get to hear very often, if ever!

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March 25, 2022 10:16 am  #7

Re: Eurovision 2022 Turin

I would never have guessed it was Breton, and it still doesn't sound like what I would expect Breton to sound like!
I just found out the Belgian singer is a footballer as well.  What a talented guy!  One of my favourites.
The Portugal song keeps popping into my head too.  I wasn't blown away with that on first listen, but it's growing on me.
Italy is another one that's edging up for me.  Love the male harmonies, and I think it's moving up my list.
Sweden still at the top for me, I think.

I think we had some really great songs last year (still gutted about Slovenia getting eliminated in the semi-finals!) and I don't feel it's as grabbed by anything so far.  I feel I want a replay of last year!  But it's maybe just being overwhelmed with so many new songs, and I'll love them more as I listen more.

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March 25, 2022 4:22 pm  #8

Re: Eurovision 2022 Turin

No, I wouldn't have expected Breton to sound like that, either, but I didn't really have a point of reference. I maybe would have expected it to sound kind of like French, I guess. There's a few words that sort of sound like French, but otherwise it sounds pretty different.

Yes, I've actually been feeling the same way overall. There are still some good entries, but I'm not finding as many of them standing out or seeming as special or original as last year. There was a nice variety last year and several songs I really liked. But it could be a question of familiarity, since I haven't listened to most of the songs more than once or twice, if that, and I got attached to a few of last year's performers. So these ones, by comparison, I don't know very well yet. I can't believe the competition is just a month and a couple weeks away already!

I am curious about what the live performances of some of these are going to be like, especially the Georgian entry since they haven't even released a proper video yet. I saw in the comments for their official video that they had a music video, but they are not releasing it as a form of protest against what Russia is doing. I'm wondering if they will do the same for their live performance if things don't change. They seemed like a quirky group purposefully building mystery around themselves, so I am curious what their staging will be like because of that, even if I don't have a strong opinion about their song yet one way or another.

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March 25, 2022 9:03 pm  #9

Re: Eurovision 2022 Turin

Breton is a Brittonic language, so related to Cornish and Welsh.  I don't know Cornish at all, but I did live in Wales for years and spoke a little Welsh (although have forgotten it) and understood more, so I just wondered if it would sound Welsh to me. It didn't, but that might be due to me forgetting my Cymraeg: I think I need to look closer at the lyrics and the translation.  Anyway, not something I know much about, but I think the original language was quite widespread, but mostly died out, leaving these pockets in these farflung areas, surrounded by completely different languages.  So actually I don't think Breton is particularly closely related to French, or not nearly as much as it's related to Cornish.  I don't know if modern Breton is like modern Welsh in absorbing French/English words. 

I've had a little walk and a drive today and a chance to listen to some of the songs a second time, and actually it was interesting listening without the video and without knowing who the entries were, and just seeing which appealed.  There were some more that I found myself enjoying which I hadn't particularly liked the first time round.  A couple that I didn't think I liked but enjoyed on my travels were San Marino (just really good fun as I was walking along!), Germany and Denmark.  Maybe Switzerland, although I'm really not sure I like that one!  But also I agree that the live performances are important too, and so while it was interesting to listen rather than watch, I think the staging, costume, dance and personality of the performers will be important on the night! 

I have Ireland and UK stuck in my head at the moment!  And quite enjoying that I feel I know more of the tunes now.  I think I'm the same as you that I like to get attached to the songs, and maybe after some more listens I'll be on board as much as last year.  Yes, it's so soon!  The frustrating thing is I know that it's going to go on too late for me, so I'll have to do the usual thing of going to bed and finding out who won in the morning!

(Just being clear that all this is about whether I personally feel drawn to the songs, rather than how objectively good they are - I'm not very good at judging quality in that way!).


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March 26, 2022 3:59 pm  #10

Re: Eurovision 2022 Turin

That makes sense that Breton would have similarities with those languages. I can understand why you might expect it to sound similar to Welsh based on that. I listened to the song again and I could sometimes hear words that sounded sort of like French (or like certain words sound with a French accent), but it's definitely different. 

That's an interesting idea, to listen without looking at who it is. I think I did that with a few songs last year, but I don't remember which ones anymore. I wonder how much visuals affect opinion. I find the guy from San Marino kind of scary, I'm just not really drawn to his overall look. I think I have listened to a couple of this year's while doing something else and therefore not looking at the video, but I don't know if that was the best idea because I was partially distracted!

And don't worry about judging "quality." I'm just giving my own personal opinions on enjoyment as well. I did take music class in high school, but I feel like so much of music is just how you respond based on personal taste even if you do know technical things.

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April 1, 2022 8:05 pm  #11

Re: Eurovision 2022 Turin

I've been doing some more listening and it's funny how the songs go up and down.  Romania is one that I didn't like really to start with but it always makes me smile so it's creeping up my list.  Whereas Switzerland is probably good, the singer has a fantastic voice, and I thought it was growing on me, but for some reason I'm just not feeling it. Same with Slovenia, Poland, Latvia, etc. Meanwhile, I've had a few that seem to be edging their way into my head and playing there: Greece, North Macedonia, The Netherlands, Iceland, Czech Republic, without me thinking I particularly liked them on first listening. 

I've watched a couple of opinion videos and don't agree with them at all, so I don't think my choices are going to be winners!   I think Sweden is still my favourite.  I've been watching some live videos as well rather than the official ones.  It's nice to see a different version of the songs, and see how the singers are live. 

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April 1, 2022 8:30 pm  #12

Re: Eurovision 2022 Turin

I personally prefer listening to live versions, even though some of the studio versions of the songs are good, too. I guess that's not a bad thing because they end up being judged on their live performance at the actual competition. But I do prefer to hear a more unadulterated version of a singer's voice when possible, since with a studio recording you don't know how much has been manipulated.

I honestly have no idea if my picks are going to be winners, either, to be honest. The songs I liked the most last year were kind of all over the map in the final, a couple in the top 5, a few in the middle and a couple at the bottom. I also remember thinking Austria would for sure make it to the final but then they didn't. I remember also kind of liking Czech Republic in the studio version, as well as other live performances leading up to the competition, and then the performance at the semi-final was like someone else performing entirely, I don't know what happened. But from his semi-final performance I wasn't surprised he didn't make it to the final.

This is kind of funny, I forgot to mention it before. But when I heard Sweden's song for this year, I had a feeling it was going to be one that you would like! Just based on other songs we'd talked about before and which ones you liked.

I don't really watch a lot of people's opinions. There's a British lady whose channel is called "Honest Vocal Coach" and she posts her reactions, which I find are sometimes fun to watch, but I don't always agree with her opinion! But other than that, I don't really watch stuff, just maybe peek at comments on the videos of the performances. There's lots of people who post reactions or their top 10, or comparisons between this year and last year, but I don't find myself drawn to them.

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April 1, 2022 9:23 pm  #13

Re: Eurovision 2022 Turin

That's funny that you guessed I would like Sweden!  I really love it.  It's an emotional song and I think her voice is just right for it.  There's a nice video of her performing it outdoors. I think that's a good point about getting a better idea of the performance from a live video. 

I've seen Honest Vocal Coach!  She came up in my youtube feed so I've watched some of hers.

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April 5, 2022 9:21 pm  #14

Re: Eurovision 2022 Turin

I saw the video of the Swedish singer performing her song outside. I like it better than the version from the Swedish national final. For some reason I couldn't get through the full performance of that version, but the acoustic version I actually enjoyed.

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April 6, 2022 2:51 pm  #15

Re: Eurovision 2022 Turin

That's interesting.  I think I might prefer it too.  Both are very emotional but that version maybe a little bit more so?  I love her voice and think it really suits the song.  For me this really is a standout, and a song I could see myself listening to in years to come.  It does seem to be a popular one, but I've noticed that not everybody agrees!  I have been trying to make lists and I thought I would post here my top ten, etc., but honestly, I keep going back and forth over them.  Then one that was lower down my list will jump into my head.

I watched some of the livestream of pre-party at the London Eurovision event the other day, and also some videos of some of the live performances afterwards.   I thought it looked quite difficult for the performers as the setting looked like a bit like a holiday camp stage!  But the audience was quite enthusiastic and singing along to all the songs.  A few notes:
- Poland - the singer Ochman is amazing!  But I just can't get in to the song. 
- Austria - I really like this song, but some of the comments said Pia Maria was miming to a recording.  I still like it but not sure if she was miming to cover up an issue with her singing voice?
- UK - Sam Ryder I thought was really good, seemed very confident singing live and seemed to be having a great time, changed the song up a bit, engaged the audience.  This bounced it higher up my list! Possibly my favourite performance of the night!
- Ireland - Brooke - this is such a fun song, and I like her. It felt a little bit amateurish (holiday camp again!), but maybe because of the setting, and somehow that made it feel more genuine!  She reminds me of Betty Boo for some reason, and the song is cheesy in a good way.
- Norway - Subwoolfer - fun performance and the audience seemed to really enjoy it. I don't like it as much as I think should though.
- Spain - Chanel, I think mentioned she was a dancer first and she was able to do some very energetic dancing while singing (live, I presume).  Great to watch.
-North Macedonia - Andrea, her voice sounded a little off at times, but at least that shows it was live!  This song has been growing on me and I like her.
-Australia - Sheldon Riley has a great voice!  I'm sure he must have been jet lagged.  He was talking earlier about the song and apparently he wrote it when he was 15.
- Estonia - Stefan - sounded good and got the audience singing along!
- Belgium - Jeremie Makiese I think is quite new to this and did very well, really like his voice and like the song, didn't feel the audience were as into it as some of the other performances
- Germany - Malik Harris, this is one of the songs that had gone up my list after a couple of listens, and I thought he was good but didn't seem to connect with the audience as much as some, especially when it's quite a sing-a-long type of song
- France - Alvan and Ahez.  This one has gone down my list a little, only because some of the gentler songs are edging up. 
I've just seen short clips of these performances so my comments about some of them not connecting with the audience so well might be unfair, as a lot might depend on what time they played, etc.  Possibly Sam Ryder had an advantage playing on his home ground!

The ones creeping up my list are Montenegro (apparently written after Vladana's mother died of covid, which I find really touching), Iceland and Portugal. 

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April 6, 2022 8:46 pm  #16

Re: Eurovision 2022 Turin

Just came across this version of Breathe (Montenegro).  It's very different. 

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April 6, 2022 9:28 pm  #17

Re: Eurovision 2022 Turin

I've watched a few of those London performances, as well, but not all of them. 

I agree that Sam Ryder seems like a confident performer and gave an enjoyable performance. Don't know if it's because he's from the UK, but the audience did seem very enthusiastic. I think there's a certain (perhaps slightly tongue-in-cheek) dislike for UK Eurovision entries, so we'll see how he places and how he does in Turin.

I feel as though I should be listening to the other songs again, but I find I keep alternating between Poland and Estonia (and alternating between having one or the other stuck in my head). 

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April 6, 2022 9:32 pm  #18

Re: Eurovision 2022 Turin

Oh, there's some more videos up from the London party since I posted!

- Lithuania, Monika Lui is fantastic!  Great singer and performer, great with the audience.  I'm not wild about the song unfortunately.
- Romania. WRS, I think I was smiling the whole way through this!  He's cute and fun, and had the audience singing along
- Denmark, Reddi - I like the retro feel of this song.  I thought this live performance was great!
- Czech Republic, We Are Domi.  I like this song, a high middle on my list, but I didn't think it sounded great live. 
- Malta Emma Muscat seemed to keep losing her voice, but did put a lot of energy into it.  Not one of my favourite songs, though.
- Latvia, Citi Zeni - looked really good from what I could see in the video, very enthusiastic and professional, not one of my favourite songs, but looks like they will be good in the semi-final.  Just editing to say that there's a better video up now, and they look and sound fantastic.  Really good performance, filled the stage, very energetic and fun, great musicians. 

Yes, I'm not expecting Sam to win, but maybe he'll do better than last year's entry!  Are Poland and Estonia your favourites, or just the ones stuck in your head (it's not always the same ones for me!).  I did want to listen more to the other songs, but of course the danger is that I end up with a lot of favourites which get eliminated in the semis! 

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April 6, 2022 9:56 pm  #19

Re: Eurovision 2022 Turin

Just adding that I think about one in fifteen people have covid in the UK at the moment, so probably quite a lot of it circulating at that London event: which might be one reason some of the voices are a bit off!

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April 7, 2022 5:02 pm  #20

Re: Eurovision 2022 Turin

I was not aware of those COVID numbers. I guess it's possible that that could have something to do with it.

I've listened to a few more of the live performances now that Wiwibloggs has uploaded the videos. I also enjoyed Monika Liu's performance. It's one of those songs I listened to once and then kind of forgot about. I think that because I watched it with English subtitles on and the lyrics seemed kind of odd (they're kind of abstract, almost surrealist) so I wasn't sure I could connect, but it's not a bad melody. Other than the song itself, her bowl haircut reminds me of the French film director Agnes Varda.

I agree that "Lights Off" didn't really sound good here. The singer really sounded like she was straining to me. Maybe it just wasn't her day.

I laughed when the audience shouted the uncensored lyrics at the beginning of "Eat Your Salad." I thought they did a good job in this performance, even though the stage was kind of small. I enjoyed their synchronised movements and that they gave each musician a feature. Obviously, they can't do that in competition because there's no live instruments and because it made the performance longer than 3 minutes, but it was fun the way they did it. I thought it was too bad the stage dive (especially if it really was his first stage dive ever) didn't work out. I hope nobody was badly hurt!

When I said that Poland and Estonia were the ones stuck in my head a lot, it's because I also listen to them the most. But I forgot to say that "Give That Wolf a Banana" has also been in my head a lot, even though I haven't listened to it that many times. I find just thinking of it gets it stuck in my head. We've been having bananas at home, lately, too, and I keep finding myself humming the "Yum yum yum yum yum" part of the song, even if I don't want to.

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