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January 27, 2022 12:06 am  #41

Re: Miss Sherlock

This series became available on one of my streaming services a couple of months. I've finally had the chance to watch the first episode. I thought the way the victims were murdered was kind of gruesome (seeing the hole in the first victim's body was not something I was expecting) but I thought the plot of this one was rather interesting! When the murderer was revealed and the motive, I found myself empathizing even though I obviously don't condone murder! And Wato's rebuttal to reasoning made sense emotionally with the scene.

Visually, there were a couple of moments when scene transitions would happen by making a person or object partially transparent and then it would zoom in and transition. I thought it was I can only assume this will continue through the rest of the episodes.

It was also kind of interesting to see how they portrayed the Sherlock character. She is VERY forward, like our BBC Sherlock, but I think it lands differently as a Japanese woman. As Wato points out, she is kind of impolite and disregards social norms. I can see this being very radical, and also appealing, in a society that places such a high importance on manners/politeness.
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