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April 18, 2020 6:44 pm  #41

Re: Greetings.

No letter, BB, but I have heart disease and kidney disease, and the combination seems to be higher risk than just having one!  So I'm being on the safe side as much as possible, and so are friends in a similar position. 

I'm wondering if even if the restrictions aren't lifted, Yitzock, if the cast and crew could keep safe, maybe it could be filmed and streamed live to ticketholders?  Not the same I know. 


April 18, 2020 6:46 pm  #42

Re: Greetings.

I'm enjoying the NTLive offerings.


April 18, 2020 6:55 pm  #43

Re: Greetings.

I still haven't had a chance to check out which NTLive shows are available online (or if I can access them from Canada).
I suppose they could film the productions, they've done it in the past for their Shakespeare ones but not the musicals. They might have to delay it, but I don't know if the actors will be available past the scheduled season. It's certainly a wrench thrown into the situation, even with the possible solutions.
Clueing for looks.

April 20, 2020 1:18 pm  #44

Re: Greetings.

Yitzock wrote:

Good to know that the number of cases isn't as high as in other places.

I haven't had to go out with a mask on yet, since the last time I went shopping was before we were required to wear them at stores. But my parents have had to (and my neighbour sewed masks for all three of us that she gave us this weekend), and my mum has been finding it a strange experience. She forgets that people can't see that she's smiling at them when she recognizes them. 

Your description of your experience of your depressing boredom seems to go with the quote from your signature, nakahara. Perhaps there is some kind of project you can devise for yourself to keep from feeling too much stasis? Perhaps it's the time for a new writing project or something?

Thank you for your concern, Yitzock, I´ll appreciate it.
  But I am not really bored. Actually, I realised I´ll do much more work than usual, combing home office work with cooking and cleaning and similar stuff. I am just strangely discouraged from starting anything new. That corona crisis came in the worst possible time work-wise for me, because our director went into retirement and a new director is still a big enigma and a lot of my work cannot be properly done because of that... feels very discouraging.

Also, the face-masks are a bother. I think they are quite neccessary as a preventive measure, but unfortunately, they make every act performed outside (shopping, walk etc.) a chore......


I cannot live without brainwork. What else is there to live for? Stand at the window there. Was there ever such a dreary, dismal, unprofitable world? See how the yellow fog swirls down the street and drifts across the dun-coloured houses. What could be more hopelessly prosaic and material? What is the use of having powers, Doctor, when one has no field upon which to exert them?

April 23, 2020 9:26 pm  #45

Re: Greetings.

Yes, you're right about it making things a chore because of the extra preparation.

Glad it's not boredom that has got you. I can understand why not knowing who will be in charge next can make you feel uneasy.
Clueing for looks.

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