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September 10, 2017 9:39 am  #21

Re: Newly discovered draft scripts

Well, I think there are quite a bit of bad writing, handwaving and plot holes in Thompsons's two episodes (TBB and TRF). And I noticed that before I knew he was the one who had written them. TBB is to me the only Sherlock episode that I think is bordering on being bad, it's really sub par to any other episode.  

To make up for it, though, I think the entire rooftop scene - from start to finish - in TRF is one of the better scenes in the entire series. 

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September 10, 2017 4:42 pm  #22

Re: Newly discovered draft scripts

I have to admit that I loved the finished TRF that we got: one of my favourites, in fact!   So many great moments. 


September 10, 2017 4:45 pm  #23

Re: Newly discovered draft scripts

I agree, I think it's Stephen Thompson's finest moment.


September 19, 2017 5:24 pm  #24

Re: Newly discovered draft scripts

Thanks a ton Susigo for sharing this link! I went through TSOT and, while the televised version was definitely better, it's good to know the beautiful plot structure for the ep came from Thompson. And he also contributed some of the best lines in the series ('clueing for looks' had me in splits over several rewatches) here.

Also, this summarily throws out my theory that the inexplicable baby character was the result of a last-minute decision.

Started reading TRF now, and so far the magic that originally made me want to fall at the writers' feet is definitely intact.

Moffat and Gatiss' main contribution on the final versions (so far) seems to be the artful elevation of the gay subtext from the obvious to the subtle. So elegantly done!

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September 19, 2017 5:43 pm  #25

Re: Newly discovered draft scripts

What is this gay subtext you speak of?


September 25, 2017 7:02 am  #26

Re: Newly discovered draft scripts

You've watched the episodes. And you read the commentary on this forum.
You know what I'm talking about.

(Invoking John from TEH here. But you already know that ;))

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September 25, 2017 5:01 pm  #27

Re: Newly discovered draft scripts

Maybe you've seen some of my thoughts on the subject!


September 27, 2017 7:32 am  #28

Re: Newly discovered draft scripts

Not sure actually; I've only seen what I wanted to see

In fact, I used to be against the idea myself for a long time but gradually accepted it. It's too brilliantly done to ignore.


September 27, 2017 4:33 pm  #29

Re: Newly discovered draft scripts

I do see gay subtext with Moriarty (maybe bi subtext as he's rather sexual with women too!).  With Irene, it's just stated outright.  With John and Sherlock, it's not really subtext, I don't think - it's kind of acknowledged and dismissed. I think in TSOT the focus is on the friendship, particularly with the parallels (Mrs Hudson's friend, Sholto, etc.).


October 3, 2017 5:16 pm  #30

Re: Newly discovered draft scripts

Andrew Scott made Moriarty a sexy villain, he just has to stand there and and chemical reactions take place magically.
But TSOT was actually the episode where the romance became clearest, to me. I mean they actually s-p-e-l-l out that they love each other, repeatedly, Sherlock praises John in the most dramatic fashion, and there's actual disappointment and pathos at John's getting married and leaving Sherlock alone. Why, that closing scene was the very definition of heartbreak!

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October 3, 2017 5:55 pm  #31

Re: Newly discovered draft scripts

 I think Sherlock, John and Mary are three close friends who all adore each other get on very well.
Of course Sherlock is going to miss John, but I think he accepts the marriage to Mary and knows it means a lot to John.
Sherlock and John actually spell out that they are best friends in that episode.


October 5, 2017 3:18 am  #32

Re: Newly discovered draft scripts

They sure do!  John even calls Sherlock his best friend.  I'd go so far as to call Sherlock as being like his brother--the brother he doesn't have.


October 5, 2017 5:12 pm  #33

Re: Newly discovered draft scripts

That used to be my way of reading this wonderfully layered show too; thanks Besleybean for reminding me just how far I've come on this journey.

Coming back to topic, with the TRF script, it's interesting to note that the mirror scene wasn't in the original draft, the scene preceding the arrest was entirely rewritten to have John declaring 'no one can fake being such an annoying dick' and receiving a Mona Lisa smile in response, and Sherlock doesn't say 'take my hand' in the original draft.

Reading the scripts affords a better appreciation of the acting effort, there's so much the actors add.


October 7, 2017 8:07 pm  #34

Re: Newly discovered draft scripts

Which I would expect from our professional actors.


October 8, 2017 9:07 am  #35

Re: Newly discovered draft scripts

Ariane DeVere wrote:

The more I look at them, the more convinced I am that the new ones - at least TRF and TSOT - are fakes.  If they're genuine - in my opinion only, of course - they prove that Steve Thompson is a truly dreadful writer.  The scene in TRF at Bart's when Sherlock's babbling on about how he loves his friends makes my teeth itch.  It's as if Thompson has never seen an episode nor listened to his bosses about the character of Sherlock.  It was always my understanding that Mofftiss rewrote parts of TRF - if this truly was an early draft, then it's not surprising in the least.

Ditto with TSOT - wasn't it established that Thompson was meant to write that episode alone but was struggling so much with the script that Moffat and Gatiss pitched in to help and that's why all three of their names appeared on the opening credits?  In particular, the bit where Mary's apparently enjoying Sherlock squirming about Sholto is hideous.  As for "Watters," well, excuse me while I throw up a little in my mouth.

I really hope these are fakes.  If they're not, and in light of how awful parts of them are, I'm starting to believe the speculation that Thompson has incriminating photos of Moffat and that's why Steven has to keep employing him!

I fully agree with you. I only read parts of TRF. A lot of it is soooo cheesy that it screams at me "Hey, I can't be nothing else than fanfiction." Nope, never could this be genuine. Especially the part you mentioned, about Sherlock claiming "oh no, I'm mot a sociopath, didn't you notice. Of course I love you (John, Lestrade and Mrs. Hudson). I DO have feelings, I only supprress them."
Nope, never.
Or maybe it was the earliest draft ever. From Thompson. And Moftiss had not seen a word of this to tjat point. Or Thompson really is a bad writer. But if we assume, the finished TRF we saw on screen, is all his work, he can't be bad, because I quite like it, it is on of my top favourites.

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