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August 7, 2017 10:04 pm  #1

BB's re-watching of the whole show with pointers to The Final Problem

'The Therapist' asks John if he woke alone...pointer to him having 'cheated'?
This new therapist will come into her own at the end of the episode.
"I tend to notice these things" she says.  Presumably that's because she has 'the deduction thing' that John talks about in TFP.
Culverton talks about the drug maintaining exactly the right levels in the blood stream. I assume this is what Sherlock was trying to achieve with his using.
Culverton confesses that he ' needs to kill someone' I wonder how this compares with Eurus...I tend to feel she just kills to get the result she wants- but more on that next time.
Sherlock notices that 'Faith' has changed her appearance form how she looks in the picture on his phone...only a shame his deduction stops there.
Faith's cane reminds Sherlock of John.  That cane plays a big part later on.
Sherlock deduces that 'Faith' has isolated herself.  Well, I guess you can't get much more isolated than Sherrinford!
There is a helicopter watching over Sherlock...helicopters play  a part in TFP, too.
"Everything's about Sherlock" says John.  I think Eurus thinks that, too.
Sherlock and disguised Eurus have a conversation about sex...they have another such conversation in TFP.
Sherlock states that he is high.
On the phone to John, Mycroft slips up and mentions that being a brother didn't matter the last time...John wonders what he means.
Lady Smallwood asks Mycroft if he still speaks to Sherrinford. Mycroft assures her that it is secure, or so he thinks!
'Faith' says Sherlock is nicer than anyone...I wonder if Eurus really thinks that.
Sherlock gets a flashback to 'Redbeard'. I wonder if it's a coincidence that Eurus is around.
Sherlock deduces the 'anyone' means Culverton is a serial killer.  I suppose his sister is, too.
Sherlock is found 'drunk in the middle of the street' and brought home.
Then we have a helicopter following Mrs H: they use a lot of helicopters in this series!
Billy leaves the flat complaining that Sherlock has totally gone.
'The game's a foot' declares Sherlock.
Mrs H begs John to help Sherlock. He promises to help.
Mrs H says that Mycroft and Molly don't count to Sherlock...well they both do in TFP. Well John does, too!
Mrs H calls Sherlock a smack head.
Sherlock says he is against new people. If only he was on form, he would see the therapist isn't a new person at all.
Sherlock jumps when John shouts at him...just wait until he's giving a him a good kicking.
Sherlock admits he's in a bad way, but that his brain is till working. He asks John to help him get Culverton.
John examines Sherlock's arm and insists to molly that he is 'using again'.
Mrs H tells John he'll have to buck up as 'The game is on'.
Mrs H refuses John the use of her car...she relents later!
John thinks of Sherlock as a monster, but recognises he's his monster. I don't think he thinks of him as a monster by TFP.
Molly asserts that she's seen healthier looking corpses on the slab.
John asks  Sherlock,"So you are actually out of control?"  He'll soon find the answer to that one!
Sherlock does actually tell John: "Of course its' not a trick, it' a plan.'
And asks John to 'Help me bring him down.'
But Sherlock refuses to tell John the whole plan, because he knows he will disapprove.
John thinks Sherlock has a 'drug addled brain'.
Sherlock says that Culverton is hiding in plain sight...only a shame he can't spot that for Eurus.
John is furious that Sherlock need s another hit. Sherlock is high. John makes fun of him in the children's ward.
John is amazed that Culverton has keys for the whole hospital.
Culverton speaks about Holmes the serial killer and talks about  hospital being a good place to hide murders. But I wonder if we were meant to pick up on Sherlock having a possible serial killer relation!
Culverton turns on Jon for asking if he's a serial killer, by wondering how he can't spot that Sherlock has lost it.
Sherlock says that Faith is on her way and describes how they had chips.(a lot of people have chips in BBC Sherlock!) Culverton insists it's just another drug fueled fantasy.
Sherlock confirms he does not know Faith.
Culverton teases Sherlock and John is momentarily confused.
Sherlock tells Faith she looks different...again, he should have caught up with the disguise thing...
But he remembers other people not seeing her and then her disappearing.
Sherlock grabs the scalpel and attacks Culverton, telling him to stop laughing at him.
John tells Greg they should have seen it coming, because of CAM.
Culverton says he's not charging Sherlock and praises John.
John attacks Sherlock and admits to Greg that he really hit him hard....they make up later!
John demands to know from Sherlock if it's 'a game'.
Culverton says he will provide the best of care for Sherlock and may even move him to his 'favourite room.'
Sherlock tells Culverton to allow John to beat him, as he killed John's wife- John agrees.
John watches Sherlock in his hospital bed, leaves his cane, saying it's a gift, it was his from long ago...(watch that cane)!
Mycroft makes a similar slip to John, seemingly implying there is another brother.  But when John asks him, he denies it.(We later discover why!)
Mycroft states he doesn't do conversations in the past tense...I wonder if he really does find the past as hard to face up to as Sherlock does?
John jokes that Mycroft and Sherlock have' a secret brother, locked up in a tower somewhere.'(Not too far from the truth.)
Mycroft is seriously concerned Sherlock is a on a path to self-destruction and wants to know why...the past catching up with him?
Mycroft insists he knows Sherlock's thought processes. Mrs H says Sherlock is more emotional. We see this in TFP.
John finds Mary's message disk. 'Miss Me?'(Obvious link to Moriarty.).
Mrs H orders everyone out and because Mycroft doesn't move, she calls him a reptile...she has another go at him in TFP!
Culverton doesn't want to rush Sherlock's death...he toys with his victim, a bit like Eurus does in TFP.
Mary asks Sherlock to 'Save John Watson'.  (Sherlock manages that here and again in TFP.)
John is there when needed...he does this again in TFP.
Culverton mentions how he meddles with the drug settings...doesn't know the bag has been changed.
Culverton says he likes to make people into things so he can own them.  I guess Eurus owns people, too.
Culverton says he's getting a little impatient. Eurus similarly puts time pressure on.
Mary tells Sherlock to go to hell and make it looks like he means it...which he does.
Sherlock says he couldn't remember any of his back up plans and thinks he did hallucinate the girl in the flat. Although she gave info he couldn't have got elsewhere.
We get a nice domestic moment where Sherlock and John discuss Rosie...we see their lovely relationship at the end of TFP.
Irene's text alert leads John to deduce that Sherlock loves Irene,.. which we kind of get confirmation of in TFP.
Sherlock deduces that he and John are both human...we see this humanity in TFP.
We get a glimpse of "Call Sherrinford 2 PM" in Mycroft's notebook...all is revealed in TFP.
Eurus reveals herself to John in therapy, saying a mutual friend introduced her and Culverton...presumably Moriarty.
The 'Miss me' on the note being the clue. He reappears in TFP!
Eurus reveals she has put the real therapist in asack in the airing cupboard...which I suppose is a clue to what we will see in TFP.


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