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August 2, 2017 7:52 pm  #1

Besleybean's re-watching of the whole show with pointers to S 4.

(Ok, 2 days after the last one, I have now the opportunity to carry on. Well if the funeral theme wasn't bad enough last time...newly widowed me was faced with the wedding episode on this occasion- ah well.)
I chuckled at the 'Waters' gang, remembering Eurus constantly linking Sherlock to 'deep waters'.
The clown masks obviously reminded of the clown in TFP.
Here we have Greg commenting that Sally has never called him 'boss' before.  A bit like at the end of TFP, when Sherlock eventually calls him Greg.
Of course we have Sherlock composing for John and Mary, as he composes for Eurus in TFP.
"Your mother has a lot to answer for" says Mrs H.  This may depend upon how much we blame her for Eurus!
Sherlock opines about his mother" she really understands very little". In TFP we learn that both parents were at a loss over what to do with Eurus.
Here we have Sherlock pining over John's TLD he's going around to John's flat, desperately seeking forgiveness.
Janine recognises " the famous Mr Holmes", which reminded me of the sailor boy recognising Sherlock 'the detective' in TFP.
David calls Sherlock a psychopath...if only he knew Eurus!
Sherlock describes himself as a sociopath...he certainly isn't by TFP.
Sherlock says to Archie: 'I'll ask a grown up'. Of course his mother refers to him as 'the grown up', in TFP.
Sherlock speaks of the may fly man as a 'compulsive cheat'.  I suppose John just texts in TST!
Sholto refers to John's therapist. The 'therapist' comes into her own in TLD!
Mycroft says to Sherlock " I'll be seeing more of you now, like old times". There is a whole family reunion in TFP.
Mycroft also refers to the new era of John and Mary. By the end pf TFP, it's the new era of Sherlock, John and Rosie.
Then of course we have the cracker: "Do you remember Redbeard?" and Sherlock's response"I'm not a child Mycroft". So Sherlock is beginning to remember something...  
"Enjoy not getting involved" says Mycroft. Apparently Sherlock was involved with Redbeard- as we find out in TFP.
Sherlock's description of Billy McCade(sp?)the garotter, reminds me of Culverton Smith.
Sherlock refers to 'Gavin' for the best man.  By end of TFP, he knows Greg's name.
John refers to 'the 2 people I love and most care about in the world'. Here he means Sherlock and Mary. By the end of TFP, it will be Sherlock and Rosie.
Sherlock refers to John having 'endured tragic loss'. ..he hasn't seen the half yet, wait until TST.
Sherlock insists that Mary will never let John down...well, she gives her life for Sherlock in TST.
Here John hugs Sherlock at  a happy moment.  By TLD Sherlock is hugging John, but in not so happy circumstances.
The list of strange cases, makes me think of the series of clients we see at the end of TFP.
Mary tells John he'll have to let Sherlock see it'll still be 'the good old days'...a bit like when we see Sherlock and John at Rathbone Place at the end of TFP.
John speaks of how Mary has changed everything and how 2 people have done that(Sherlock being the other.) By the end of TFP, the 2 people are Sherlock + Rosie.
Once more Bainbridge's superior officer recognises John as hanging around with 'that detective'...
Sherlock speaks of 'a murderer who can walk through walls'.  In TFP, Eurus simply removes the wall!
Of course the stag night is all about drunk Sherlock, whereas in TLD we get drugged Sherlock.
The nurse talks of she and mayfly man exchanging numbers...well I suppose John eventually gives his number to disguised Eurus, in TST.
John wakes in a cell, a bit like he does in TFP.
Sherlock waking on the bench, is a bit like him waking 'on the slab' in TFP.
John insists to Mrs H that he 'will be visiting'. A bit like he does with Rosie at the end of TFP.
Sherlock speaks of married mayfly man wanting to 'escape the suffering chains of domesticity'...a bit like why John responds to bus girl's advances.
Mayfly man played the field, whereas John only texted!
Sherlock drops his wine glass here. In TLD, it's a cup of tea!
Mary takes the lead in trying to save Sholto...she dies for Sherlock in TST.
"we should embrace our death when it comes" says Sholto.  Sherlock is prepared to die for Mycroft and John in TFP.
Everyone is here for the wedding, as they are for the baptism...and then most of them are there at Mary's death.
Sherlock nods his approval to Mary at the dance, a bit like Mary handing John back to Sherlock in TLD.


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August 2, 2017 8:12 pm  #2

Re: Besleybean's re-watching of the whole show with pointers to S 4.

More interesting parallels!  I started watching after S3, so I knew Mary shot Sherlock (I tried to avoid spoilers, but it was impossible!).  It meant that I didn't quite trust her throughout this episode.  I haven't rewatched since S4, and it would be nice to watch knowing that she turns out to be "good", and gives her life for Sherlock. 

Now that you mention it, I'm a bit confused about how much Sherlock did remember about Redbeard.  He did think he had a dog called Redbeard, didn't he?  Anyway, it's interesting that, as we suspected, Mary did work for Mycroft so it's likely he knew who she was ... and knew she was likely to die young.  Hence warning Sherlock off, I suppose. 

I'm also thinking about Sherlock being a "drama queen" in this episode ... maybe something that leads to Mary's death in TST when he insists on the dramatic reveal, and goading Norbury.   But I also took it mean that he is more emotionally motivated than he realises, and we see him melding the emotional and intellectual sides in S4, I suppose. 


August 2, 2017 8:17 pm  #3

Re: Besleybean's re-watching of the whole show with pointers to S 4.

Yes, I like your final analysis.

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August 2, 2017 8:41 pm  #4

Re: Besleybean's re-watching of the whole show with pointers to S 4.

Of course the stag night is all about drunk Sherlock, whereas in TLD we get drugged Sherlock.

Drunk Sherlock and drunk John, to be exact!  Seeing as they got drunk together.  At least John didn't drug himself in TLD.


August 2, 2017 8:42 pm  #5

Re: Besleybean's re-watching of the whole show with pointers to S 4.

This is so.

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