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July 12, 2017 4:58 pm  #1

Besleybean's re-watching of the whole show with pointers to S 4.

Once again I thought I wouldn't get a lot from this episode and of course ended up with loads.
Also once more was too bust watching and enjoying it. Forgot how good it was.
As this is going to be my last opportunity to say this, I will: maybe we miss Paul McGuigan.
Obviously this whole episode is massively built around the concept of childhood trauma, which we see coming to fruition in TFP.
Except in this case, Henry envisages a nasty hound, in contrast to Sherlock remembering a lovely. childhood pet.
Of course at the start we have Sherlock rather making fun of a small childhood who has lost their beloved pet.
Funnily enough the film of Baskerville made me think of Mycroft's home movie in TFP.
Henry states he knows what killed his father, just as Sherlock thinks he knows (presumably) his parents had Redbeard put down.
Henry's memories of the incident are few...we later realise how true this is also for Sherlock.
Henry was 7 when he was traumatised, which would have been about the same age for Sherlock.
John asks Henry if he may have invented the story of the dog to account for the memory. We know this is true for Sherlock.
Henry tells us that Louise Mortimer has told him he has to face his demons, which is similar to what Mycroft tells Sherlock in TFP.
Sherlock refers to a childhood trauma masked by an invented memory...well, he should know! He says Louise Mortimer is right on that one, which I suppose kind of matches Mycroft(and Eurus) being right about Sherlock.
Sherlock says he is putting his best man on the case. Of course in 3 episode's time, he will become John's best man.  But by TFP, John is family to him.
Of course there is a keyword in Henry's memory, which matches 'Redbeard' for Sherlock. In fact Henry tells Louise this is a new part of his dream, a bit like us only getting to hear of Redbeard half way through series 3.
John asks Gary if the map skull and crossbones represent pirates, which again matches Sherlock wanting to be a pirate and in S 4 we find put about him playing pirates with 'Redbeard'.
Gary makes the comment that you're lucky if you just get blown up, about Grimpen minefield...well of course our boys get blown out of the flat in TFP.
Baskerville kind of reminded me of Sherrinford.
John says they will get caught, which they kind of do at Sherrinford.
There are passes to get through the doors, like at Sherrinford.
Mycroft's name literally opens doors at Baskerville, whereby it kind of closes them at Sherrinford.
And of course we eventually find out that he 'practically is the government.'
Of course this situation is different to Sherrinford: here Sherlock sneaks in as an inspector, whereas in TFP: he's a guard.
Sherlock shows Stapleton the code word @bluebell', which matches 'Redbeard'.
Frankland says he knew Henry needed help, but didn't think he'd call Sherlock TFP, Eurus needs help and does 'call' her brother.
Henry mentions the keywords again.
John gets the Morse code letters from the flashing lights, but they don't make sense.  A bit like Eurus' song not making sense.
Sherlock afraid goes straight into denial we see here, which is presumably what happened when he was a kid.
Sherlock's first rant about emotions being the crack in the lens and the fly in the ointment and insisting 'there is nothing wrong with me'.  We know by TFP there is something wrong with him, emotional trauma.
Sherlock tells John to leave him alone, he would never say that by TFP.
"I don't have friends" states Sherlock and " I wonder why", replies John.
Well we know that Sherlock has only ever had one best friend at a time and we do know why, by TFP.
John asks Louise if Henry could have started imagining a hound and tells her he has a friend who might have the same problem.
John asks Sherlock if he got anywhere with the code...and they are situated in a graveyard!  Very telling for TFP.
"I've just got one friend" states Sherlock.  We know and we know why.
Sherlock tells John he has no idea about the meaning of 'Hound', whereas he has a whole invented meaning for 'Redbeard'.
"Is that why you're calling yourself 'Greg'?" Sherlock asks Lestrade.  By TFP, he well knows it's Greg.
"you don't have to keep apologising," John  says to Sherlock...he won' be saying that by S 4!
Gary says they had their dog put Sherlock thinks his dog was put down.
Greg says to the landlords: " you've nearly driven a man out of his mind".. Not entirely true for Sherlock, but he is traumatised.
Greg talks of Sherlock probably liking all of the same faces back together, which made me think of the reunited Holmes family.
Greg asks Sherlock if he believes Gary about having the dog destroyed and Sherlock says he has no reason not to believe that.
John tells Sherlock that what he saw was not an ordinary, by S 4 an ordinary dog has become a child.
"Hello, brother dear", Sherlock hails Mycroft, reminds me of his "Calm down, dear".
Sherlock has negotiated a 24 hour access to Baskerville.  Reminds me of the 5 minutes unsupervised access to Moriarty, negotiated by Eurus.
We have a shot of Henry looking at a photo of is family, before it flashes back to his childhood trauma...made me think of Sherlock, particularly the alleged photo of him and Mycroft- no Eurus.
John sees the obvious broken cage in the Baskerville lab, whereas Sherlock failed to see the missing glass in Sherrinford.
John is locked in the lab, a bit like the 3 boys get locked in Sherrinford.
Sherlock doesn't answer terrified John's calls, a bit like when he ignores John's 'Vatican Cameos' in TFP.
Once again Sherlock asks John 'Are you alright?'
Sherlock tells John: " you saw what you expected to see, because of what I told you." Presumably he saw what his family had told him.
Sherlock says it's "time to lay this ghost to rest," true for his life, too.
Sherlock tells Stapleton they are dealing with " cold blooded murder," which is true for them with Eurus.
Sherlock asks Stapleton if she will tell little Kirsty what happened to Bluebell...he was told what happened to Redbeard, but it wasn't true.
Stapleton tells Sherlock: "  the only limits are ethics and the law and both of those can be flexible." Certainly true of Eurus.
Sherlock says they are dealing with something " very deep," little does he know how deep.
Sherlock needs to go to his Mind Palace. John explains to Stapleton about it being a memory technique whereby technically you remember everything...didn't help him with Redbeard.
Henry goes back to where it all started.  A bit like Eurus returning to Musgrave.
Henry goes to shoot himself, just as Sherlock does in TFP.
(In that scene in the Hollow, there was honestly so much- I couldn't write fast enough, to get it all down!)
"it's all been explained very carefully to you...someone needed to control your memory, because you were starting to remember from when you were a little boy. You had started to piece together what really happened: it wasn't an animal, was it? " Henry couldn't cope, he was just a child. He rationalised it, to make something he could handle. But he started to remember that it was something more than a dog.
Henry yells at Frankland that he's had 20 years of his life not making sense...more for Sherlock!
"The murder weapon, the scene of the crime all at once," says Sherlock. A bit like the well by Musgrave.
The ticking of the land mine, reminded me of the ticking of the grenade.
John says to Sherlock: " so they didn't have the dog put down, then."
Sherlock makes out he doesn't understand about the sentiment over the dog...which is odd, concerning his trauma over a pet dog- but I guess that comes later.
John tells Sherlock he " was scared to death", so I wonder if that's where he gets the idea for terrifying Mycroft!
" You put me in that bloody lab," says John, just as they get trapped in Sherrinford and also when Mycroft says to Sherlock: " you did all of this".
When John was in the lab, he calls Sherlock for help, as Mycroft asks for Sherlock's help with his house of horror!
Sherlock tells John he won't get it wrong again...sadly this is not true.
Sherlock tells John :" got to see a man about a dog".  In his case, he needs to see his sister about Redbeard.
We end with Mycroft letting Moriarty go...and the rest is history, especially as we see his obsession with Sherlock.

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