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July 3, 2017 5:44 pm  #1

Besleybean's re-watching of the whole show, with reference to S 4.

Did I ever give any impressions on this episode before?
Because this forum only set up after S 2.

So I watched this episode today.

It's the first time I've seen it for years.
Though for the first year I owned the DVD, I watched it twice a week!
Anyhow, nothing too startling, but it's keeping me out of trouble!

So obviously the first note I jotted down, was the image of John as the war hero- especially him lying alone in an empty room.  Though that was more a ref to TLD, than TFP.
We first meet Ella, who John doesn't get rid of immediately as Mycroft suggests: though he does change therapists in TLD.
He seems to have got over his trust issues, by the end of TFP.
He, of course, never adjusts to civilian life, which makes him the perfect partner for Sherlock.
There is the funny line' nothing happens to me...he possibly regrets that, after losing Mary.
I thought the 'being forced to commit suicide' part of this episode was interesting.  Just made me think of Mary really, though hers was more of a sacrifice.
Again the victim who was having an affair with his secretary, just made me think of John in TLD.
My main impression through the whole episode is just how young they all look and Benedict is so beautiful.
Then there is the famous text that re-appears in TFP: you know where to find me.
There is the vital image of John and his stick, which he appears quite dependent on.  Who would have thought that stick would come into its own in TLD?
I found it interesting that Sherlock says he prefers to text when later on(TGG?) we learn Mycroft prefers to phone.
Sherlock mentions his violin playing...which he continues to do virtually to the end of S 4!
There comes the famous wink, showing Sherlock's affection for John.
Sherlock explains to Greg that he needs an assistant: 3 series later, John is still his assistant.
John is shown to be keen for adventure and again, he still is by the end of S 4.
Sherlock announces 'The Game is on'.  Off screen it still is now, but I wonder if we'll join them on their game, in the future?
I also found it interesting that Sherlock deduces Harry would have kept the phone, if Clara had ditched him...reference to Irene's phone?!
There's the mention of Harry's drinking problem, of course we see John drinking when he's in mourning.
Sherlock tells Sally John is his colleague and three series on, he still is.
Sherlock says to Greg'"He's with me"...and he still is!
Greg despairs with ' God help me, yes I do need you"...he no longer feels that way about Sherlock, he really does value him.
I think it's marked that Sherlock dashes off and leaves John to be pushed about by he police workers...that wouldn't happen now.  We leave John at Sherlock's side.
Sally says to John, "you're not his friend"- well, he very much is now.
Sally describes Sherlock as a psychopath and for a while, I thought she was right....but oh how he has changed
Sally tells John to stay away from Sherlock Holmes, well he won't do that now..
I was aware of the themes of Mycroft summoning John by phone, with a car and the use of security cameras.
I really noted the line" I would make some sort of threat", when Mycroft tries just that to John in HLV.
I also thought it funny that John is told to  to sit in the 'client chair', when Mycroft is interviewing him.
I think it's notable that Mycroft calls bravery stupidity, I don't know if he would now...
Again the funny line of "how many friends do you suppose he has?" When we all know the answer is 'just one'.
Quite sad that at this time Sherlock sees Mycroft as his 'arch enemy'..
We have the famous "Come at once text" and John always does...
And of course Mycroft really does "worry about(Sherlock)" constantly.
It's only on this re-watch that I realised we should have all made the connection between Mycroft and Sherlock, because of the 'deduction thing' they both have.
Plus because of John's own difficult relationship with his sister, he might have picked up on the same thing with Mycroft and Sherlock.
I like the " you see the battlefield with Sherlock Holmes line", John is still on the battlefield with Sherlock.
And certainly he isn't 'haunted by the war', he really does "miss it"- hence him being perfect for Sherlock.
The "Time to choose a side" line is interesting.  As it turns out, Mycroft and Sherlock really are on 'The same side' and John definitely chooses Sherlock.
It's nice that Sherlock tells John he's  "doing fine" and I'm sure he still thinks this.
Sherlock picks up very early that John is attracted to danger.
John leaves his stick by accident, this time!
John says "ready when you are" to Sherlock and he always will be.
Funny now how naive John was about Sherlock's drug dalliances.
Cutting that Greg refers to Sherlock as a child...he really has grown up by the end of S 4.
Sherlock has so moved on from this episode, when he needs John to help him see that it's odd not to realise the pink woman would still be upset by the death of Rachel.
"He'll always waste all of our time" Sally says of Sherlock.  I think John would very much disagree, now.
Here it is: the famous:  "he's  great man and one day he might be a good one" line. We come full circle in TFP.
"Love is a much more vicious motivator" is rather pertinent to what comes ...
We have John running down the Redbeard corridor and of course Sherlock going down the stair case he will come back up in HLV!
Sherlock asks John if he's alright, just as he does in TFP?
He tells John he knew he'd turn up and he is still relying on John to do just that.
We now know Mycroft has a little larger role in the British government!
And we eventually found out who upset Mummy and why!
(EDIT: I've just returned quite a few days later as I did wonder: so was this Sherlock remembering something?  A 'snippet', like refererd to in TFP.)
John Watson certainly is "the making of (Mycroft's) brother".
We end with "Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson", just as we do at the end of TFP.

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