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January 17, 2017 5:46 pm  #261

Re: John´s cheating

Liberty wrote:

Schmiezi wrote:

nakahara wrote:

I guess she was only pretending to be a prisoner for a long time.... maybe she was out for a while now.
Why did she contact John at first and not her own family?

I think she understood how important John is to Sherlock.

We speculated that she was looking for information, but after seeing TFP, I wonder if she targeted John simply because he was Sherlock's best friend, and yet again, she felt excluded.   Maybe she was trying to work him out, or maybe she was trying to cause him pain - I'm just not sure what her plan was.   But she obviously ends up repeating what she did to Victor Trevor.  Maybe when she was a little girl she tried to engage Victor rather than Sherlock before she ended up killing him. 

I definitely agree with this. I think after the events with Victor Eurus realised that the way to hurt Sherlock was by hurting his friends and so with John she wanted to find out about him and maybe even just toy with him a little before putting her main plan into action.


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