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November 11, 2016 7:40 am  #21

Re: Rewatching and just noticed...

Yes, and she could also approach from the roof, a drainpipe, a fire escape, etc.  I think it has already been established in the previous scene that she's good at escaping through upstairs windows, so likely she's good at entering via them as well.   What I find more intriguing is what she was wearing after returning the coat!  (Although for all we know, she was able to pick up clothes, equipment, etc., before doing so). 


November 11, 2016 7:47 am  #22

Re: Rewatching and just noticed...

It is not impossible that she climbs through the window. Twice. At least this is more credible than Mary climbing a high-rise. For me the most interesting thing about these scenes in ASiB truly is how they do not show us any visible transition from mind to reality. I think this is the first instance in the show. (Although there is the scene with John on the sofa while he should be somewhere else). Then we have the laptops in TSoT. And as you know I am sure that there is a lot more hidden in HLV. By now I wonder what else there may be - I am e.g. thinking of the scene in which Sherlock tells Anderson about Lazarus. I am still not sure that really happened anywhere outside Sherlock's (or John's) mind. 

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November 11, 2016 8:11 am  #23

Re: Rewatching and just noticed...

Yes, I've always had doubts about the Anderson scene.  Doesn't really make sense.  I suppose there's a possibility that Sherlock did that as a kind of reward for Anderson's faithfulness, and of course Anderson has inside information in HLV.   Anderson seems to be a stand-in for the fans there, before returning to the real business of Sherlock and John's relationship. 


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