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November 5, 2016 10:03 am  #21

Re: The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

They might have mixed it up... or let a cat out if the bag? I thought it was only speculation that he would be in Ragnarok... (though the post credit thing does seem to strongly suggest it)

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November 5, 2016 10:07 am  #22

Re: The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

I'd say they mixed it up, nevertheless the short scene during the end credits of "Doctor Strange" seems to be a pretty obvious indicator that Strange will appear in the next Thor-movie.


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November 6, 2016 4:08 pm  #23

Re: The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

I saw the episode on German TV on Friday (the channel ONE has the Tonight Show on) so that was perfect for us the scetch was so funny and I cannot mention enough how good he looks right now (more than usual)

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