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May 6, 2016 7:12 am  #1

Saving episodes

Hey guys,
I watch Sherlock on Amazon Prime currently And I just simply love it!
But I´m gonna be traveling in 2 weeks and I want to continue watching since I will be gone for quite some time... (I only watch one episode per week to have of the series).

So what I basically want to know is whether anyone of you knows a software or something like that that allows me to record the episodes and safe them  from my computer without any internet required.

I appreciate your help


May 6, 2016 7:19 am  #2

Re: Saving episodes

Get a DVD?
Things like this should be discussed here:
Suggestions, Questions & Technical Help

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May 6, 2016 7:59 pm  #3

Re: Saving episodes

Harriet wrote:

Get a DVD?

Even if you have to be careful with money, the show is so popular in areas, would be surprised if your library didn't have a copy to borrow for the meantime!   (but no, sorry, no ideas except what Harriet said)


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May 6, 2016 10:21 pm  #4

Re: Saving episodes

I'm not sure.  I watched the episodes on Netflix....I'm assuming you won't have Internet where you're going, because otherwise you shouldn't have to worry about not watching them when you are travelling.  You could always use some sort of download extension for your browser and download them from some illegal streaming's better to watch them legally, ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS, but if you are going to buy them or pay to watch them or watch them legally anyway, then I suppose it's not the worst thing you could do.  I did that just so I could have a copy of the episodes to edit videos with (I have yet to finish the video).
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May 10, 2016 6:21 am  #5

Re: Saving episodes

Well there is a possibility I have been using myself - it´s called Audials Moviebox. That´s a software that records from your screen. This is -unlike the common opinion - NOT illegal as long as your source is legal. So Netflix and Amazon Prime are absolutely suitable. It´s super easy and since Netflix and Amazon have the Autoplay function you can record them overnight and them safe it on any device you want, so you can watch it during your travels.
I´ll leave you a link to their website so you can find out more
oooh and you shouldn´t give the recordings to anyone else or sell them. It´s for private use only ;)


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