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August 19, 2012 9:47 pm  #1

BBC Article: Enduring appeal of Sherlock Holmes

Eventually everyone will support Johnlock.

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August 20, 2012 5:32 am  #2

Re: BBC Article: Enduring appeal of Sherlock Holmes

SH,  thanks for forwarding this article!   It sparked lots
of discussion among some local Sherlock-fan friends,  so much
so that I made some notes on our thoughts on The Appeal of Sherlock:
    (Admittedly not nearly as interestingly laid out as this article or
as well as many others have explored before,  but we had a bottle
of wine and some fun):

- There is always a fascination with characters that are unpredictable and volatile, and who can act outside of rules and convention.   And who is rarely wrong.

- We love cleverness,  charisma,  and wit.   We love watching interactions that have a chemistry.

- We love when intellect is used to solve puzzles, games.   We admire it when it has a sense of right.  We wish we also could be coldly logical, and on the side of good.

- We enjoy the creativity in the BBC series that often has us participating with Sherlock as he uncovers clues (via text on screen, points of view, etc.) makes us feel
  included,  engaged,  makes us actually feel more clever.

- We enjoy the stories of the canon,  the many episodes,  short story format,  the city of London as a character.  We revel in the details- the absurdities of character,
  names, situations,  wry humor in case solving.  All so highly entertaining, and fun.

- If details of Sherlock's past and personal life appear deliberately not too developed in the stories,  all for the better.   Enigmatic 'heroes' can be open to endless
  interpretation.  Myths and mythic themes are always richer when such characters are part of them.

- We love detective stories.   And detectives.    Detectives still today find order amid the chaos.  Religion, fables and war stories used to, in bygone eras.


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