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February 8, 2016 6:42 am  #1

The Day They Met and The Night They Met

These are two published works by fanfiction author Atlin Merrick aka Wendy C. Fries. I'd heard of Atlin Merrick on AO3, and have recently seen her new book on tumblr. I became intrigued when I heard her interviewed on the latest Three Patch Podcast. Has anyone read these yet?

I gather from the interview that The Day They Met is gen, and The Night They Met is erotica.

The Day They Met by Wendy C. Fries
"Sherlock Holmes and John Watson have wandered far from the light of Victorian gas lamps. As Holmes and Watson they’ve tangled with Nazis, as Sherlock and John they roam the corridors of New Scotland Yard. In a world of so many fresh adventures, why not fresh beginnings to those adventures? From an 1879 Kabul train station to a King’s College lecture theatre in 2015, The Day They Met includes stories both classic and contemporary, offering fifty intriguing new ways that the world’s most legendary partnership might have begun."

The Night They Met by Atlin Merrick
From Amazon:
"Some things belong together, the one with the other, natural pairs. Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. Holmes and Watson. Sherlock and John. Whether it's in an empty house during the Blitz, a West London strip club in the 70s, or deep in the heart of a Hong Kong computer lab, the meeting of these two legendary men is inevitable. Spanning one hundred and twenty-eight years, here are the stories of that destiny. Of how a detective meets a doctor, of how they change each other in heart and mind. Of how they fall in love."

You can also read the original fic that became The Day They Met* on AO3, where it is called "Well Met" (

*or they might be completely different stories


Something mentioned in the interview particularly caught my interest. Months ago I was reading Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovitch, and I came across this page.

I just assumed that it was something Aaronovitch made up for the story, but apparently it's a real thing! Atlin Merrick was inspired by this fact to write one of her Sherlock and John meetings where the HOLMES program meets the Watson program in cyberspace. What a cute idea

HOLMES 2 (Home Office Large Major Enquiry System)


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