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January 8, 2016 12:33 pm  #21

Re: Was Sherlock sober during John's wedding?

OK. Not entirely convinced you are right but not quite sure you are wrong either . Just

Vhanja wrote:

Sherlock does have a brilliant mind, able to solve several things at once, at a very high speed. That is what he does. 

Sure. Not mutually exclusive with his brilliant mind working differently when sober and when laced.

Vhanja wrote:

We also see a detailed MP in HLV, after he got shot.

Which is enough to immediately send the brain into chemical imbalance and overdrive. And isn't that the evening of the day he tested quite not "clean"? Although I thought that was heroin.


January 8, 2016 12:44 pm  #22

Re: Was Sherlock sober during John's wedding?

The one thing in TSoT that has always struck me as very OOC, even when considering that Sherlock is under enormous stress, is the face-slapping during the speech. He becomes quite frantic after realising that some is going to be murdered, but this is really extreme. 

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January 8, 2016 12:52 pm  #23

Re: Was Sherlock sober during John's wedding?

Not sure what you mean by his brain being sent into chemical unbalance. Overdrive, yeah, if a shooting won't then nothing will. 

I personally see a very different Sherlock at the start of HLV and on the plane in TAB than I see in TSoT. I don't think Sherlock is the type of person who will take the drugs the moment his life becomes a bit hard, it would take something a bit more. 

As for the slapping, not really sure if he actually did that or if that was a "mental slap" in the MP? I didn't think it was too OOC, considering these are very special circumstances where he has to deduce a room full of guests at lighting speed while keeping up appereances of holding a speech. 

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January 8, 2016 2:06 pm  #24

Re: Was Sherlock sober during John's wedding?

In my opinion Sherlock´s mind palace probably functions like in TSOT, HLV or TAB every day, without drugs. It´s the way he thinks, an inherent part of him which we are sometimes happy to look into. Drugs merely help him to "go deeper" and so he really did not need them during a relatively simple case in TSOT.


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January 8, 2016 4:38 pm  #25

Re: Was Sherlock sober during John's wedding?

I would agree.


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