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July 13, 2015 9:33 pm  #21

Re: "You were enjoying it"

kornmuhme wrote:

Couldn't it be possible that Sherlock BELIEVES his brother had enjoyed watching him being tortured? I completely agree with you, I also think Mycroft would never ever allow anybody to do his little brother harm on purpose while he himself is sitting next to it and enjoying it! But it tells us a lot about Sherlock that he obviously considers his brother ENJOYING it possible ...

Yeah, it's exactly this that makes me wonder. It's not that Sherlock's statement necessarily makes me believe Mycroft would enjoy it - it's more: What would Mycroft have done earlier in their life to make Sherlock believe he would enjoy it?

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July 14, 2015 7:02 am  #22

Re: "You were enjoying it"

This is a good question. Which may or may not touch the matter of The Other One. 

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