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July 29, 2012 9:39 pm  #1

Scandalous Bohemians (Leeds)

This weekend I went to the second meet up of the Scandalous Bohemians, a traditional Sherlockian group based in Leeds.

It was really a lot of fun. We met in a pub, had some informal introductions and chatting, then we sat down and were treated to two talks - Holmes and Women, and Holmes and Emotions...both interestingly dealt with many of the same points although the conclusions were always open ended and up for debate.

Then we had a quiz which was really rather hard and I might try it all out on you guys here. I was quite pleased that I got 28 out of 35 because in was in a room full of serious canon enthusiasts and thought I might be a relative newcomer (I was the youngest there I think!) and fail badly but yeah...although I was in last place I was pleased that it wasn't by an incredibly large margin...I think the next score up from mine was 30.

We had a lunch break and all ordered some food from the pub, more chatting and socializing. After lunch we had a talk specific to Abbey Grange, a story that I haven't read yet so I didn't really appreciate that particular talk as much as I could have done. Sounds like a really good story though, definitely on my list to read next.

To finish off the day the two organisers/leaders of the group did a really fun and hilarious pastiche - the Musgrave Ritual in 5 minutes, the two of them acting out all the parts and throwing in some random bits, in jokes and made up lines, silly voices etc to make people laugh. I crazily volunteered myself to write Hound of the Baskervilles in 5 minutes for the next meeting.

Anyway, the next one is 6th October so if anyone's in the area and fancies a bit if canon appreciation come and join us!

I should mention that most of them are huge Jeremy Brett fans too, but they've all seen our Sherlock and love it so I felt quite at home, and the first thing someone said to me was "that coat's a bit Cumberbatch isn't it?" so I fitted in just fine and it was brilliant to meet fans that weren't fangirls if you know what I mean....although there was one woman who called herself Mrs Brett so yeah, there were a few JB fangirls there lol.

Eventually everyone will support Johnlock.

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July 30, 2012 2:07 am  #2

Re: Scandalous Bohemians (Leeds)

Please do share the quiz! And what a lovely day that has been - I recently missed the Holmes meet in Sydney, Australia, due to a work emergency. That was very upsetting!


July 30, 2012 7:17 pm  #3

Re: Scandalous Bohemians (Leeds)

Quite jealous. Please share the quiz. Although I can be fangirly at times, I am a serious fan as well.


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