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May 14, 2015 4:17 am  #1

The Aluminium Crutch

I'm re-watching ASiB right now, and comparing what's happening on screen to John's blog.

So straight after the pool scene and the transition to Irene ending her call with Moriarty, and then the opening credits. John is typing up his May 30 entry, "Life goes on". Then there are all the potential boring clients... Among them we see the three comic book geeks and John types up the case of "The Geek Interpreter". Next up, Sherlock and John are examining the blonde woman with the speckles which becomes "The Speckled Blonde" on John's blog. I love how Sherlock gets all pouty about John's comment "nobody's reading your website". Later on, after the missing Grandad/body in the car boot scenes, John types up "Sherlock Holmes Baffled" and they have another snarky conversation about who has the most interesting blog.

Then we watch Sherlock and John crossing a theatre stage where there is a crime scene involving an aluminium crutch. Sherlock sarcastically suggests John call the case "The Belly Button Murders", and John tries out "The Navel Treatment". I find this a bit weird because John later writes it up as "The Aluminium Crutch", and there is no mention of belly buttons in that case. Plus, it is supposedly transcribed directly from Sherlock's voicemail messages, as John was on a date and not there to help solve it. On the show, however, we get the famous scene of Sherlock and John photographed by the media wearing the hats Sherlock grabbed on the way out of the theatre.

Possibly Moffat was just trying to drop as many canon references as possible, and I know the person who writes John's blog isn't necessarily working closely with Moftiss to get all the details to absolutely match the show. The Aluminium Crutch is one of the longest and most detailed blog entries related to this episode. It's also referred to twice in season 2: first by the Equerry in ASiB, and then by Frankland in THoB. Anyway, maybe I'm just dense, but it was such a convoluted story and I'm still not quite sure I've worked it all out. All the actors' names and characters names confused me . But I did spot the name Sidney Paget, a detective character who wears a long overcoat not dissimilar to Sherlock's.

They really make a point of mentioning the blogs as much as possible in ASiB especially. Obviously not every viewer was going to actually find the blogs online and read them, but they certainly put a lot of effort into the whole thing. I feel there is something important here, a clue? I just don't know what...

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May 14, 2015 2:23 pm  #2

Re: The Aluminium Crutch

I don't remember that from the episode specifically, but I just read the blog post and it is quite convoluted thanks to Sherlock repeating the actors' and characters' names.  He even gets mixed up himself at the end!
I don't know what kind of clue this discrepency could be, and since it's from the beginning of series 2 I doubt that it's going to come back in later episodes, or that it has in later episodes of series 2 or in series 3.  
I think that a likely explanation is that the person in charge of the blog is not always completely on script of the episodes and therefore made a mistake.  I doubt the date would be a good enough excuse for the public to believe that it wasn't John who was leaving the theatre with Sherlock with the hat on.  I don't think the public would have bought it if her were attempting to conceal his identity with the blog post.  I mean, his photo is right there! So it probably is just a discrepency between the show writers and the blog writer.

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Clueing for looks.

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