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August 11, 2014 12:10 pm  #21

Re: What's the fannest thing you've ever done?

Honestly, the things you are writing in here don't sound "stupid", they sound alarming.
VERY alarming.
Therefore I'd rather spend my money on a therapist. But you've got this recommandation before, so I'll just stop here now.
Congrats anyway.


"After all this time?" "Always."
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August 11, 2014 12:28 pm  #22

Re: What's the fannest thing you've ever done?

I've just got tickets as well :D !!!! (Still haven't got the email confirmation, but I've got the site's order confirmation all right. Phew, that was stressful!)  Congrats, This Is the Phantom Lady!

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August 11, 2014 12:36 pm  #23

Re: What's the fannest thing you've ever done?

Yippieeehhh! Congrats to Phantom and Arwende! What a great day!


Eventually everyone will support Johnlock.

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August 11, 2014 12:37 pm  #24

Re: What's the fannest thing you've ever done?

ArwendeLuhtiene, I didn't mean her fangirling sounding alarming. I am sometimes a really crazy fangirl myself. 
I mean all the posts she left here in the forum during the last weeks (or even months).
And the things she obviously was and is ready to do to get a ticket. (And no, I do not want to know the details.)


"After all this time?" "Always."
Good bye, Lord Rickman of the Alan

August 11, 2014 8:10 pm  #25

Re: What's the fannest thing you've ever done?

I live in London, so of couse I had to visit North Gower Street and eat at Speedys and got my photo taken looking through the letterbox of the door that is 221B (for those of you who don't know, the Sherlock version of Baker St isn't actually in Baker St) and visit every other location I could identify in Sherlock haha.

That's about it.

So far...


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August 11, 2014 9:14 pm  #26

Re: What's the fannest thing you've ever done?

I am a fangirl from the bottom of my heart and have been for a long, long time.
It all started as a teenager when I traveled with my grandmother to Scotland in the summer holidays to visit the founder of the Bay City Rollers fanclub; and although it had been a rather disillusioning experience (the founder, the grandmother of one of the band members, showed me a garden shed where the fanclub collected all the gifts the band got sent from fans all over the world, the band never got to see these presents, most of them were given to an orphanage or poor children) it didn´t prevent me from dipping into various fandoms over the following decades.
When my favourite bands or musicians have come to Germany on a tour, I went to see them play live at least in 2 different cities.
I went to an Alias Convention in London in 2003 to see some of the actors live and in person.
In the Brokeback Mountain fandom I went to several  meet-up´s from the german forum, for instance to a reading and signing of Annie Proulx or a rodeo/country and western event in Cologne.
In 2011 I went to London to see the Glee live tour and in 2012 I went to Ring con in Bonn for a day to join a panel and autograph session with a musical theatre group that is connected to one of the Glee actors.
Last year I went to Southampton to see another one of my favourite actors in a play live on stage and when this actor made his directoral debut and collected money for his movie via Kickstarter I donated a bit of money; fortunately he reached his goal, made the film and I already got a copy sent via e-mail in june and I´m even listed as a friend in the credits.
And now I´m going to see Martin as Richard III in september and Benedict as Hamlet next year and I also plan to visit the Sherlock Holmes museum in 221 b Baker Street and North Gower Street and maybe a few more places of the series.
So maybe I am slightly crazy, but I have met so many wonderful and interesting people through fandom and I have experienced some very special things, for me being a fangirl really has enriched my life.


August 12, 2014 6:51 am  #27

Re: What's the fannest thing you've ever done?

@TeeJay, wow you have certainly done a lot of very special things and although I have to admit I have never heard of the actors you mentioned and JoA is the only show I have heard about (but never seen) before, your experiences are every fangirl's dream and you are very lucky, what a fantastic way to meet your favourite actor or writer. But then you are so invested in these actors with the founding of their websites, you give so much of your time and probably money, you really deserve all these positive experiences and it's so great that your commitment and dedication is appreciated.


August 12, 2014 11:03 am  #28

Re: What's the fannest thing you've ever done?

@Germansherlockian  I know exactly what you mean, fandoms have definitely enriched my life as well ^^

@Mattlocked Sorry I misunderstood (lack of context and foggy brain after a stressful morning quest to get tickets, edited out). I'm sure we're all proud-to-be crazy fangirls/boys here

And sorry for the out of topic, but lots of virtual hugs to you, Phantom. I really hope things get better for you soon, and I'm sorry you're having to go through a hard time. Please take care of yourself *hugs*

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December 18, 2014 6:24 pm  #29

Re: What's the fannest thing you've ever done?

Most "fannest" thing I have ever done?

For Sherlock nothing... yet.

For other things there are a few...

I really loved Jamie Bamber in the Hornblower series so I wrote away and got an autographed picture of him in his Hornblower gear.  Still have it.

I was also a really big fan of David Hyde Pierce on the American TV show Frasier.  And I found out he was staring in a play in Los Angeles (this was in 2001) so I mentioned it to my hubby and we booked tickets to see him perform an took a trip to LA.  It was almost clear across the continent (I live in Canada in a city about an hour away from the American city of Detroit).  We decided to make it a vacation of sorts and stayed a week there but the main purpose of the trip was to watch him in this play.  I got a chance to meet and talk to him after the performance too.  

Really, really nice man and so charming.  Dan snapped a picture of us together.  Pierce could see I was really nervous and tried to calm me down by saying "Don't be nervous, it's only me!"  That made me laugh and it broke my tension.  He wished us a Happy Canada Day! (it really was our national holiday) which was lovely of him. 

We really loved the play so we went back the next night and bought rush tickets and saw it again.

We also went on a studio tour and to the Getty Museum.

A few years ago I saw he was in another play - this time in New York (much closer thank goodness) and we bought tickets to that (Dan is very indulgent and understanding of my comsuming passion for actors I like).  We stayed in NY about a week and saw some sites, but the highlight was seeing Pierce perform in his Tony award winning role on Broadway.  Great actor.

This time we just saw the play but it was still exciting to see him act. 

I can't think of any other fan things I have done.  There are lots of sporting celebrities (mainly hockey) I have met but that is because my husband covered sports for a bit and he brought me along (I carried a camera so it looked like I was a photog).  Still it was exciting for me as a Canadian to meet some of the sports heroes I learned about as a young person.  Got some photos with them too.

My husband actually got to interview Muhammad Ali for over an hour (and got his autograph too) which was the most impressive "star" he ever met.  This was way back just before the George Foreman fight when Ali was in his hayday.  He was so nice to Dan - it was a one-on-one interview and he gave Dano his full attention.


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