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August 18, 2014 9:50 pm  #1

Are you trustworthy?

I was just having a conversation about trust with someone...

Are you someone people trust? Do they trust you too much? Or do you wish people would trust you more?

People have always trusted me; with way too much. When I was a punk chick with safety pins all over I can remember a complete stranger putting her todler in my lap and asking me if I could watch him while she had to sort some things. 

In school, having the same look I was the only out of the entire class the teachers trusted... once the clocks were broken as well as the bell and the teacher asked me for the time... I lied so we got off 10 minutes early. 

It's a bit of a scary power, to have a trustworthy face... you can tell people anything and they will believe you!

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August 18, 2014 10:15 pm  #2

Re: Are you trustworthy?

Pretty much so, i guess. people tend to quickly tell me a lot of things, personal things. Sometimes it is a bit of trouble for me to bring that out in people but alas, usually i try to be there for them as good as i can. 


August 19, 2014 6:00 am  #3

Re: Are you trustworthy?

Same here. It gets a bit emabarrassing when pupils' parents start telling me things about their private lifes I never wanted to know first place.
But of course it is very helpful when dealing with difficult pupils. For some reason they open up to me relatively soon so I can really help them.

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August 19, 2014 6:06 am  #4

Re: Are you trustworthy?

In our primary school, it's the kids who accidentally reveal embarrassing personal details about the parents!


August 19, 2014 2:43 pm  #5

Re: Are you trustworthy?

It's an interesting question. I think it depends what trust implies. Trust me to keep secrets? Trust me with a stranger's toddler? Trust me to support and care? ...

Most people (strangers and friends) do indeed trust me. Some few are afraid of me, and/ or don't believe in my goodwill. I cannot say what either of them sees in me that makes them choose to trust or distrust, but it made me realise that I'm not a 100% trustworthy person for everybody. Which is fine. I like it that way.

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