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March 23, 2014 8:19 pm  #1

My crazy Moriarty theory

As I can remember,Moriarty was using info against Sherlock from Mycroft,right?So maybe the Fall was planned from Moriarty,Mycroft and Sherlock too.That's how Sherlock was sure for his jump and...Moriarty's suicide!!!Sherlock was "surprised" and acted as he had to,in order to play the game...and save his friends!Moriarty was satisfied that the game was on,plus he had a "nice fellow", (Mycroft)...Mycroft may needed Moriarty alive so he helped him with his suicide"!!!And Sherlock wouldn't be so "actor" before he jumps.Maybe he knows the Moriarty's trick from Mycroft and has to be emotional in order to fool Moriarty! After all, "This is a magic trick..."

Of course,he could be shot from a sniper in the back of his head as I didn't see any serious injuries in the front of his face.And this would destroy my previous theory...

I'm on fire!!!

March 23, 2014 11:09 pm  #2

Re: My crazy Moriarty theory

Hi Maurolukos

Can you please post your Moriarty theory in the Moriarty theories thread here:

We're trying to keep everything kind of together

Welcome to the board! If you like, you might want to introduce yourself in the "Introduction" forum so we can all say hi


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