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February 28, 2014 10:23 pm  #1

Irene and John

Given that Sherlock's reputation is for being "married to his work" and John's is "John 'Three continents' Watson," (and also he's supposedly not as brilliant as Sherlock) wouldn't you think someone who deals in seduction, like Irene does, would try her charms on JOHN (and therefore, undermine Sherlock through John, the way other villains do)?

She could even play on John's seeming need to prove he's still hetero.

The obvious answer is, she finds Sherlock more attractive and interesting, but that would mean she is really motivated by attraction and NOT just playing games.

Or, is it that, for all Sherlock's brilliance, his inexperience in human relations makes him a better target for Irene's particular brand of manipulation? 

I would think even a man who has been with women on three continents would find Irene...out say the least, but maybe John's experience in that arena means he's less likely to be impressed by charms like hers?


March 16, 2014 12:30 am  #2

Re: Irene and John

Well, we know it was Moriarty who suggested Irene how to play the game. Would Sherlock break the code for somebody John fell into? He'd been for sure more careful about what and to who does he reveal. Also, Irene doesn't seem to be John's type, I mean she'd have to act a lot if she wanted John to fall for her. Surely she wouldn't achieve it by "misbehaving". So - she had to made Sherlock himself feel something for her. And her "agressive behavior" was only one of her moves, not even the major one, to achieve that goal.

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March 16, 2014 7:50 am  #3

Re: Irene and John

ASiB for Moffat in short is "The Woman" (THoB is "The Hound" and TRF "The Professor"). It refers to the original ACD quote that Irene Adler is spoken of Sherlock Holmes as "The Woman", some sort of honourable title, resulting out of the fact that he was outwitted by her. By a WOMAN of all people...!
It's a game of chess between two people.
It's true to the spirit of the canon.
Any other shift of emphasis (getting John involved in the relationship) would have spoilt it.


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