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March 11, 2014 11:10 pm  #21

Re: They never tell us how Sherlock faked his own death

Willow wrote:

natal wrote:

saturnR wrote:

I thought the theory he told Anderson was the real one.

I believe the same thing. I dont think that the production will bother with this anymore as I dont think that we ll see moriarty again.

Unless, of course, Moriarty had an identical twin; I do wonder whether the case involving the woman married to identical triplets was a small hint in this direction...

This could be an explanation regarding moriarty video at the end of season 3. I remember SH telling that it took him 2 year to get rid of M network, so I cant see how M can still be alive, for the same reason having a twin that SH or Mycroft isnt aware is something hard to believe but that belongs to another thread..

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March 25, 2014 12:33 pm  #22

Re: They never tell us how Sherlock faked his own death

OnlyinWestwood wrote:

What if Sherlock's death hasn't been explained yet, because it's connected to Moriarty's fake death? 
I'm guessing Mycroft/Sherlock & Moriarty had some agreement for some future reason.  It's a wild guess, but that's the fun of it sometimes!
And then maybe those "fake" scenes filmed between Mycroft & Moriarty will be scraped off the cutting room floor, lol!

That's EXACTLY what I've been stressing. The REAL explaination implicates that Moriarty is still alive. Come on! No one as smart (and egotistical) as Moriarty would actually commit suicide! He certainly didn't before he met Sherlock, even though he was dealing with "ordinary" people. Most importantly that everyone here seems to be missing, is that Moriarty never committed suicide in the canon either!  AND he did promise to kill Sherlock sometime in the future when they met at the pool. The writers probably decided to shoot fandom theories in season 3 and shoot the real explaination in season 4 (or maybe 5, cuz they might just tease again in season 4). 

If there was some sort of "understanding" between Sherlock and Moriarty (which I somewhat believe), then maybe those "fake" scenes with Moriarty and Mycroft will come in handy (though Mycroft and Moriarty collaborating is a bit odd). Sherlock did look down at Moriarty while he told John that Moriarty was fake and made-up, as if to say to Moriarty, "See? I'm playing along with ya plan dude..."

Anyways what we DO know is that Moriarty will be "featured" in Season 4:

Ok, off you pop now with the "Moriarty's dead n ain't coming back" rants...

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March 25, 2014 1:29 pm  #23

Re: They never tell us how Sherlock faked his own death

Bless you, bless you!  Stayin Alive!
I thought I was alone in this!


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