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February 13, 2014 1:50 am  #1

Index of Fics by Forum Members

So, along the lines of our Slash and Non-Slash Masterlists, I've created this Masterlist-type thread for fics written by forum members.

If you've written a fic(s) you'd like to have included, please post them in the Fanfics from Forum Members thread and I will migrate them here periodically.

Also, when you post your fics can you please indicate whether they are slash/non slash, what pairings (if any) they include and any genre or trigger warnings that might be applicable.


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February 13, 2014 1:50 am  #2

Re: Index of Fics by Forum Members Community
BBC Sherlock - Fan Forum Writers

Author: AliceI

The Science of Deduction's 1st Student
Summary: Series 2 left us with a puzzle to figure out. This is my solution. So obviously spoilers for everything.

Author: Chiennoir

A Horrid Thump
Summary: This silly little whodunit is the result of a challenge: "A woman is found dead in an empty room. The skylight is open but the door is locked from the inside. There are three items of your choice found with her." I asked my husband to suggest three random items. He chose a pillowcase, a feather, and a strawberry. (Someday I will learn to keep my big mouth shut.)

Author: clareiow

The Intruder
Summary: Set after His Last Vow, with Sherlock exonerated and John enjoying a normal family life with Mary, John's domestic bliss is interrupted by a text from Sherlock and it leads to danger for both of them.
Notes/Warnings: Sickfic, Torture, Kidnapping, Burglary, Adventure

Author: crazybbcamerican

American Music on the Radio
Summary: Songfic, no summary
Notes/Warnings: Not Rated

Green Stars and Black Ice
Summary: "He's....John....He's alive." With that, Molly slumped down into the seat and breathed no more. At that moment, John felt a hand on his shoulder and the sound of a baby crying cracked through the silence like a gunshot in the night.
Notes/Warnings: Not Rated, Parentlock

Some Things Never Change
Summary: All those light years away and the Admiral could still get under his skin. He flipped over to his back again and noted as the time projector flipped numbers across the wall as a reminder. He sat up on the mattress and started to button up his shirt. His fingers stopped moving almost before they started. Why the hell would it even matter anyway? No one in their right mind would ever consent to being his partner, and that included the Burskins.
Notes/Warnings: AU - Future fic, Science fiction, read the tags

Dead Ringers and Cold Corpses
Summary: This cannot be death.
Just…not this disappointing lack of everything.
Alone on the narrow hospital cot, Sherlock Holmes’ voice breaks with screams he cannot hear.
Notes/Warnings: Not Rated, AU, check the tags

The Woman's Tales
Summary: (from first part) Irene Adler is curled around a thin man’s body on the nasty floor of a flat deep on the bad side of London.

What's Past is Prologue
Summary: In which Jack Harkness is reminded that ‘outside the government, beyond the police’ does not agree with the British Government at all; in which a London-based consulting detective is as trying as any Weevil; in which the right kind of doctor doesn’t always travel by means of a blue police box; and in which a stranded traveler both learns and teaches the lesson that no man is an island.
Notes/Warnings: Explicit, Sherlock/Torchwood/Dexter crossover, WIP

Midnight, Together
Summary: Empty spaces she had not noticed before, because ever since he returned, they have barely spent an entire night apart.
Notes/Warnings: Sherlolly

Sometimes Believing IS Seeing
Summary: Does anyone ever consider what Anderson thinks? SLASH! Post-Reichenbach

Author: Filljonk

When I Was Your Consulting Detective
Summary: Season 3 in a nutshell, in a pop song. John dances a lot. Sherlock is devoted and sad. Plus, there are some puzzles for you to solve.
Notes/Warnings: This is a fan video, not a fic

Author: InSpiritGolden

A Burn Scar In The Shape Of Your Lips
Summary: In which Greg finds out he's absolutely and totally head over heels for the British Government alias Mycroft Holmes.

''And if there's one thing that's for sure. It's that Mycroft knows. Greg's certain. And Lestrade doesn't know if it's because the embodiment of the British Government probably scanned his internet history which's currently scattered with gay porn involving umbrellas and cake or if it's because he's even smarter than Sherlock. And that's a scary thought really.''
Notes/Warnings: Domestic Johnlock, Greg finds out he's gay, and wants to have lot's of nights with Mycroft, Doing the Horizonal Tango, Johnlock's only mentioned really, Mystrade fluff, Fluff with a dash of smutty words, Pre-Slash, Pure Crack, It was supposed to be a serious OneShot really!

Wrap Up Warm, Brother Mine. (There's An East Wind Coming)
Summary: "It had been two weeks since Sherlock had jumped. Two weeks, 14 days. 336 hours. 20160 minutes. 1209600 seconds. 1209601. 1209602. The numbers swirling around in Mycroft's head. Recalculating. Changing. Increasing. Time stretching endlessly

(It takes the Earth approximately 23 hours, 56 minutes and 4.09 seconds to make one complete revolution. Now it will take forever for this moment to end.)".
Notes/Warnings: There's an east wind coming, Angst, Sherlock's dead, Lazarus is go never happened, He really killed himself, Drug Abuse, Badly written angst, johnlocks only hinted. in oneline

One Day We'll Be Stardust Again
Summary: ''And he knows it's only hormones and he knows it's normal but it's making his head spin and his thoughts wander and it leaves him wondering about possibilities.

(Humans are made out of stardust. He wonders if he's made out of the remains of the same star as John)''

"For small creatures such as we, the vastness is bearable only through love." - Carl Sagan
Notes/Warnings: Fluff, lots of fluff, and comparisons, Scientific words, and poetic comparisons, I really don't know why I wrote this, Carl Sagan, I blame Carl Sagan

Author: KeepersPrice

Metaphorically Speaking
Summary: A light-hearted little Johnlock, presented as a play in one act
Notes/Warnings: Non-explicit, kiss, innuendo, some swearing

Author: Kerkerian

Hazard Control
Summary: John has not expected to see Sherlock again. 10 months after his friend's supposed death however, he's called upon by Mycroft because his skills and his person are needed. Consequently, he has to deal with a very ill consulting detective, his not so uncaring brother, Mrs Hudson, some glimpses into the Holmes boys' childhood, a butler, his own feelings and their changing relationship
Notes/Warnings: Illness, Hurt/Comfort

Their Best Man
Summary: This began as a one-shot which evolved into a multi-parted story and portrays a few scenes from "His Last Vow" which I found were missing in the episode. Not Johnlock, contains spoilers for Season 3.
Notes/Warnings: Gen, WIP

Getting There
Summary: John and Sherlock after his return: with everything that happened, it can't be that easy to settle into their new life.
Johnlock, set after Sherlock's return.

A Matter of Reciprocity
Summary: Mrs Hudson and Sherlock have always had a history of looking after each other. When the old lady falls and injures herself, Sherlock is there, of course.

Summary: Part 1: Sherlock doesn't need reading glasses, certainly.
Part 2 of the Retirement[/ur] series

A Scientist or a Philosopher
Summary: After the events of His Last Vow, nothing is certain. A few things in Sherlock's life haven't changed, though, and one night Detective Inspector Lestrade needs his help in a personal matter. No pairing, post-HLV.

Best Not To Be Repeated
Summary: Of all the really stupid things Sherlock has done in his life, this one tops it all off. But then, "The Inexplicable" was too tempting to not at least try.

Author: kete

Living Legend
Summary: Series. Summary from part 1: Sociopaths are made, not born - Mycroft Holmes reflecting on his brother's life and death
Notes/Warnings: Gen

Never That Easy
Summary: John is not only Sherlock's flatmate but also his best friend, something John is reminded of the hard way when he comes home from a stay at his sister's and finds Sherlock ill. Set some time before Reichenbach.

Author: kittykat

I Won't Forget
Summary: It's been a month since the fall, and John is spending the anniversary in the only place that makes sense to him.

A New Friend
Summary: Sherlock and John take a breather after the events at the college and start to form their friendship.
Notes/Warnings: Post-ASiP

Love Is A Mystery
Summary: Set after Sherlock's return. Harry Watson pays a visit to Baker Street and sees the tension between two men who have fallen in love and don't know how to tell each other.
Notes/Warnings: Romance, Multichapter

Under The Mistletoe
Summary: Christmas in Baker Street. Sherlock and John spend some time together and exchange gifts to show how much they love each other.

Summary: Set after the reunion. John is having nightmares and Sherlock comforts him, which leads to something neither of them expected.
Notes/Warnings: Teen+

Change of Scenery
Summary: Sherlock and John are on their way to Dartmoor to investigate a mysterious Hound.
Notes/Warnings: Gen

Why Me?
Summary: In which Mycroft lets Sherlock walk away without the sheet.

Behind Closed Doors
Summary: John's wedding is coming up, but he doesn't know how to waltz. So he comes to his best friend for help.
Notes/Warnings: Teen+

Author: LoveIsAViciousMotivator

The Cab Ride with a Machine
Summary: Missing Scene after death of Soo Lin Yao in The Blind Banker

Author: Marva

I fell for you
Summary: This time it is John standing on the roof of St. Bart’s and Sherlock down on the street.
Notes/Warnings: Angst, Post-TRF

One for Sorrow
Summary: I once had a flatmate who was a magician.
Notes/Warnings: Gen

Author: NotYourHouseKeeperDear

Shot to the Heart
Summary: An attempt to make Season 3 make a little more sense- John explores his feelings for Mary and Sherlock as the plot thickens...

Author: Ormond Sacker

Nine Months
Summary: During a case John is badly injured.
Notes/Warnings: Teen+, Spinal injury, rehabilitation, check the tags

The Missing Masterpiece
Summary: When Sherlock finally manages to work himself into collapse, John decides they both need a vacation. But on their trip to Scotland, they run into they run into a case of vandalism, murder and Sherlock's old ex.
Notes/Warnings: Mature

The Scalet Women
Summary: When Wiggings' sister disappears, after two of her friends have committed suicide, she convinces Sherlock to try and find her.
Notes/Warnings: Mature

The Adventure of the Missing Reindeer
Summary: When Rudolph goes missing the day before Christmas, who can Santa turn to but the world's only consulting detective.
Notes/Warnings: Gen, Crackfic

Sentiment - A duet for clarinet and violin
Summary: This is a prize fic for Skitskitpotter in the Sherlockholics group's New Year contest. She asked for Sherlock and John playing a duet on clarinet and violin and this is what I came up with.
Notes/Warnings: Gen

Christmas in Hell
Summary: Sherlock's Christmas the month before meeting John. Not a seasonal fic despite the title.
Notes/Warnings: Explicit. Drug use

The Conundrum of the Colourful Cardboards
Summary: Sherlock Holmes is faced with the greatest puzzle of his life, symbolised in two pieces of brightly coloured cardboard.
Notes/Warnings: Gen, Valentine's Day fic, Polyamory Johnlockary

Author: QuiteExtraordinary

The Watson Formula
Summary:Sherlock and John celebrate their latest success, but something goes wrong ...
Notes/Warnings: Non slash

Summary: Three years after Reichenbach: Christmas at 221b. Can also be read as a sequel to "The Watson Formula"
Notes/Warnings: Not explicit, slightly AU.

Molecular Gastronomy
Summary: Sherlock has to decide whether to solve an interesting murder case or to attend a cooking course and make John happy. Or can he do both at the same time?
Notes/Warnings: Johnlock, not explicit, funny

Summary: Just a short scene with Sherlock, John and Lestrade in a bar.

The Yard Called
Summary: There are things even a soldier cannot fight. (Sherlock and John as old men)
Notes/Warnings: Sad!

Cars and Crimes
Summary: Sherlock brings some action into Liz Smith's driving school.

Author: rebeccaholmes

Fading Whisper

Molly Hooper, the introverted, timid pathologist, was only ever attended to when her services at work were needed. That was until a certain Sherlock Holmes came along. Will he be able to bring out the best in Molly and help her overcome her anxiety? A story about a blossoming friendship, soon romance, between the consulting detective and pathologist.

Author: saturnR

You're Being Followed
Summary: Someone is trying to utilize Sherlock's services. In his absence, they try to hire John instead. But John's not having any of it.

Author: Schmiezi

Soldiering On Through Friendly Fire
Summary: A shadow from Sherlock's past forces the boys to reunite after the fall. Set directly after Reichenbach. John is not as unknowing as Mycroft thought, and not as easy to break as Moran thought. Sherlock might not be as unaffected by this caring thing as he thought himself.
Notes/Warnings: M for mentions of suicide, drug abuse and torture

Private Ponderings
Summary: Sherlock Holmes is in love.

It had taken him an inexcusable amount of time to figure it out, but in his defence it must be said that (a) it is extremely hard to deduce oneself and (b) never having been in love before he is completely new to the feeling.
Notes/Warnings: Explicit, Part 1 of the ABC-Series

Like a Landslide
Summary: People usually assume that Sherlock happened to John like a landslide, unstoppable sometimes and surely dangerous. They assume living with Sherlock is like taking part in an obscure lottery, where you never know what you will get when you come home at night.

But they are idiots, and so they completely fail to see how John is happening to Sherlock in return, like a maelstrom that pulled him in with unbelievable force and that will never let him out again. Not that Sherlock would want a way out.
Notes/Warnings: Explicit, Part 2 of the ABC-Series

Not Broken, Just Bent
Summary: "For a second, I allow myself to remember teaching John how to waltz. There is a special room in my mind palace for it. A big one, with a proper parquet dance floor. For a second, I go there. I remember holding him, closer than the World Dance Council asks for, excusing it with the fact that we are training for a wedding, not for a competition. For a second, I feel his hand on mine again, smell his sweat, hear the song we used. For a second, I allow myself to love him deeply. For a second, only a second, that love reflects on my face."

Fix-it for S3, starting at the end of TSoT. Written from Sherlock's POV.

If you like to see Mary as one of the good guys, you might want to stop reading right here.

Author: sherlocked4ever

Three Little Words...I Love You
Summary:"He's writing sad music, doesn't eat, barely talks ... I'd say he was heartbroken." A fanfiction based on one of my videos on YouTube. John is secretly in love with Sherlock and can't keep it any longer inside. So he tries to show Sherlock his feelings ...

Author: silverblaze

The Casino Revenge
Summary: After the events in series three, Sherlock is faced with a new riddle: how can a man rise from the grave? Spoilers for series three and heavy speculation on series four. Part one of my own series four.

Author: SilverMoonDragonB

The Ink That Flows From Within The Heart
Summary: John Watson is an ex army doctor recently returned home from Afghanistan. He eventually receives a phone call from his sister Harry inviting him to stay with her for a New York City.
Notes/Warnings: AU, 10th Kingdom fusion, WIP

Summary: It has been several months since Sherlock's return, and less time since John moved back into 221b. Whatever normality that has returned between the two men is strained with the acceptance of their newest case, and Sherlock soon begins exhibiting a kind of distress and instability John has never seen him experience before. John is worried, and not for that reason alone; Sherlock is also having night terrors.
With the trauma, tension surging, unresolved issues and pain both past and present...will Sherlock and John be able to heal the wounds in their relationship? Not to mention their own personal wounds?
Notes/Warnings: Teen+, check the tags

Author: Sky Holt

Hunting the Disappeared
Summary: With Sherlock gone, John Watson has decided to use the second-best consulting detective to find him. And who else but Irish child genius Artemis Fowl would fit the bill?

Author: Song

An Introspective Series
Summary: A closer look into the minds of our favourite characters

A Study in Pink An Introspective Look
Summary: Companion to my ficlets. An introspective look into each episode. Starting with a study in pink.

Sweet Silver Bells
Summary: Incapacitated before Christmas, John and Sherlock expect to return home to a miserable, cold, present-less and christmas-less flat. But upon arrival they are presently surprised

Oh Brother of Mine
Summary: Sherlock and John have only till 9pm to solve five puzzles before somewhere in London goes up in flames. But when Moriarty is involved not all is what it seems

Baker Street Drabbles
Summary: Little drabbles about the lives of our favourite detective and doctor. Various genres.
Notes/Warnings: Ongoing work

Never To See The Stars Again
Summary: Post Reichenbach Fic. All the things that were missed. The reactions, the funeral, the fights, the movement, the reunion
Notes/Warnings: Character "death" spoilers, blood? Emotions?

Doctor Holmes
Summary: John is injured or ill. Sherlock makes it his mission to care for him. John didn't expect him to care and is a bit freaked out. He's also a terrible patient and Sherlock isn't half bad at taking care of John.
Notes/Warnings: Read Author's notes for warnings

A Study in Impossible Things
Summary: John Watson lives alone, in a dull boring world. Filled with ordinary things and he doesn't feel alive anymore. Until one day he answers an ad asking for a flatmate and is propelled into a world fill with the impossible and the ridiculous. And meets a man that will change his life forever. Sherlock Holmes.
Notes/Warnings: Wonderland AU

And The Stars Shone Brightly
Summary: In the aftermath of the Reichenbach Falls, Sherlock struggles to regain what he had lost and take out the one man left in Moriarty's web. Sebastian Moran. Sequel to Never To See The Stars Again

Cold Body, Warm Heart
Summary: After a zombie epidemic, Lock (an unusual introspective zombie and former detective), encounters John Watson, an army doctor and human surviour and rescues him during a zombie attack. John quickly realises Lock is not like the others and both embark on an adventure that will change them move and transform the world
Notes/Warnings: Zombie!Lock BBC Sherlock/Warm Bodies Crossover

Author: SpiralStaircase

The Rescue
Summary: Set at the end of The Sign of Three. Sherlock leaves the wedding party but Molly Hooper follows him. Friendship fic with a dash of sweetness.

The Visitor
Summary: Set after Sherlock is shot in 'His Last Vow'. Laying in his hospital bed after Janine has just left, Sherlock receives another visitor.

The Maelstrom
Summary: After Sherlock murders CAM, his Mind Palace reacts violently to his first cold blooded kill, and he begins to lose control over it, falling into a complete catatonic state. He is forced to travel down, deep into the dark depths of his subconscious, to battle the demons inside and stop the total corruption of the pristine hard-drive that took decades to refine.
Notes/Warnings: WIP

Author: stoertebeker

Zwei leere Gräber
Summary: Ein Jahr ist seit Sherlocks Tod vergangen und langsam beginnt John damit, den Tod seines Freundes hinter sich zu lassen. Doch dann kehrt dieser zurück und mit ihm ein neuer Gegner, der alte Schulden eintreiben will - ein Gegner, von dem bisher niemand etwas ahnte, denn nicht nur Sherlocks Grab ist leer.
Notes/Warnings: Fic in German language

Author: SusiGo

Flatmates - a drama in three acts
Summary: John wasn't Sherlock's first flatmate, he was number four. But the only one who stayed. This is my first fanfic. Please read and review.
Notes/Warnings: Not Rated

Notes/Warnings: Missing Scene, The Empty Hearse

Lifetime Performance
Summary: The Baker Street scene between Sherlock, John, and Mary in His Last Vow preyed on my mind until I tried to find an explanation for Sherlock's behaviour. I did not expect this to become a fanfic but there you are. This is not really a fix-it but my way of explaining what went on in Sherlock's mind.

Author: TeeJay

Summary: It has been over a week that they buried John’s wife and unborn child, and the one thing he really needs is to seek refuge.
Notes/Warnings: Teen+, check the tags

5 Things Sherlock Doesn't Know About John
Summary: Dragonflies, felonies, The Holy Grail, a Ferris wheel, and Afghanistan. John is fairly sure Sherlock doesn’t know about any of them.
Notes/Warnings: Gen

Five times John fixed up Sherlock after a fight, and one time Sherlock fixed up John
Summary: As it says on the tin

Eight Minutes
Summary: A slightly AU-ish version of the 221B Baker Street scene from episode 3x03 "His Last Vow" that follows the confrontation at Leinster Gardens. See Author’s Note for more explanation.

Undue Sentiment
Summary: Sherlock isn’t feeling well, so John receives a call from Mrs Hudson. Dr Watson to the rescue, which gives Sherlock and John a chance to talk about things previously left unsaid. Set a few months after “His Last Vow”.
Notes/Warnings: Sherlock Whump, H/C

Author: This Is The Phantom Lady

The On-Call Corpse
Summary: Sherlock is in need of a corpse and contacts a young woman who is almost too good at playing dead. The woman becomes rather resourceful for the detective who struggles with understanding human emotions; but can she keep her heart-rate slow; and what will happen if she doesn't? -And how does John cope with their strange relationship?
Notes/Warnings: themes of angst, drama and pain

Her Fingers
Summary: Sherlock is being tormented by a woman with long fingers and blood red nails in this short story.
Notes/Warnings: Angst/Mystery

Crimson Tears
Summary: A very uneasy client decided to ease her nerves the only way she knows how and Sherlock finds he can't cope.
Notes/Warnings: Contains depictions of blood, gory and selfharm. Might be triggering to people with certain urges.

Summary: Sherlock is faced with a livid woman who seems to be out to get him. He can't for the life of him remember who she is. He Should though.
Notes/Warnings: Strong themes, implied non-con (in the past), self-harm

My Dearest John Watson
Summary: One of John's girlfriends has finally had enough of all of John's going on about Sherlock Holmes and sends him the following letter.

The On-Call Corpse
Summary: Sherlock is in need of a corpse and contacts a young woman who is almost too good at playing dead. The woman becomes rather resourceful for the detective who struggles with understanding human emotions; but can she keep her heart-rate slow; and what will happen if she doesn't? -And how does John cope with their strange relationship?

The Gothic Murders
Summary: DI Celia Yellow is desperately trying to solve the case of a serial killer who targets young gothic girls; just like her own daughter. Sherlock Holmes is itching for a case. Celia Yellow is not ready to take the risk of allowing Sherlock to help just yet. And all the while more young girls falls victim of the serial killer.

Can she be convinced?

Will eventually turn into Johnlock

Father's Day
Summary: A young woman from Watson's past contacts John asking him for a favour.
Notes/Warnings: Family, Dysfunctional Family, Family Secrets, Father-Daughter Relationship, Father Figures, Parentlock, Abusive Parents, Absent Parents, Implied/Referenced Alcohol Abuse/Alcoholism

Author: tonnaree

Ode to an Errant Curl
Summary: Sometimes I write silly poems.

Summary: John NEEDS to know what Sherlock went through those two years he was gone.

Summary: Sherlock falls and John Watson's heart is torn in two.

Author: vaticancameos

His Fellow Men
Summary: Nine-year-old Sherlock explores the Holmes mansion's attic to stave off boredom on a rainy day. What he finds there is unexpected and wonderful.
Notes/Warnings: Kidlock, read the tags

The Miracle Worker
Summary: Based on the teaser trailer for The Empty Hearse.
Notes/Warnings: Gen, implied Johnlock

Author: Wholocked

My Light, Your Shadow
Summary: In the wake of Sherlock's death, John tries to reconcile his grief and move on with his life. It's not easy.
Notes/Warnings: Teen+, depression, suicidal thoughts, please check the tags

Summary: Missing Scene in His Last Vow – takes place before Mary’s arrival at Leinster Gardens.
Notes/Warnings: Gen

Author: Name


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Re: Index of Fics by Forum Members

Great idea. Thank you for this list. :-)

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Re: Index of Fics by Forum Members

Thank you very much for mentioning my fics! Much appreciated!

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Re: Index of Fics by Forum Members

Thank you for adding mine to the this list! It's an awesome idea!

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Re: Index of Fics by Forum Members

Thank you for including me!


February 13, 2014 1:59 pm  #7

Re: Index of Fics by Forum Members

Yay! Awesome! Thank-you!


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Re: Index of Fics by Forum Members

Man that must have been hard work. Thank you Wholocked

Is it nice not being me? It must be so relaxing.

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Re: Index of Fics by Forum Members

I've only included those fics which are posted in the thread I linked to. I know some people have posted individually but to be honest I don't really have time to go through all the threads. If you have posted your fics elsewhere and want them included just PM me the thread info, or repost them in the other thread.

Also, this is in alphabetical order by forum username rather than order of posting as that was simplest for keeping it updated and together

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February 15, 2014 12:11 am  #10

Re: Index of Fics by Forum Members

To have your works included in this list, please post them here:

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