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October 3, 2013 10:14 am  #61

Re: What Deductions Would Sherlock Make About You?

I am a little neurotic, tend to worry about talking too much (but talk too much out of both intensity - or worse - anxiety).

I am a natural blonde, but he may see some remnants of purple hair dye.

I have several facial piercings, but I'm not exactly 'tough' - so he may guess the piercings started as a self dare to see if I could get over my wussiness (he'd be partially right) and also a genuine fondness for helix piercings and eyebrow bars (again, right)

He might figure out that I play the violin, especially because I've recently developed contact dermatitis from the rosin.

I was very premature at birth (he may determine that from my malformed, stunted pinky)

I have ulcers (which he could probably pick up on if I had an ulcer attack or the fact I never eat a lot at once, am careful with what I eat and also keep a huge jug of kefir in my kitchen)



October 3, 2013 10:26 am  #62

Re: What Deductions Would Sherlock Make About You?

KeepersPrice wrote:

If you want to see what Sherlock deduced about this "ugly American" over the 4th of July you can read about "The Great KP Pillow Caper" on the "National Stereotype" thread (post #89); however, since that was a spoof, here's something a little more realistic.

He would take a look at my house and deduce that I live with a messy, absent-minded, classical guitar playing, music professor husband.
He would deduce from all the choral music and solo wedding and funeral music collections I have that I sing.
He would see from my books and CD's that I like detective stories (and detectives!), some Science Fiction and classical music of the Romantic Period up through modern.
He might see from pictures that I've been in a number of amateur plays and that I have a beautiful daughter who luckily doesn't look a thing like me. He might even question her "maternity"
He would see that I am conscientious and kindly animal lover because there's an elderly diabetic cat who needs an insulin shot twice a day - thereby, hampering any chance for real freedom.
From my clothes closet he would see that I have a job in a professional capacity and need to project that image at work; however, he would also see that this job does not pay me all that well because some of these clothes have been hanging around for awhile. He might also deduce from this that I hate to shop. - so very true!

These are very interesting - but please don't call yourself ugly :/ (Like the true neurotic I already warned everyone I was...I would have felt badly if I had gone to bed without saying anything. Now I'll just go to bed feeling silly!)


October 14, 2013 1:51 am  #63

Re: What Deductions Would Sherlock Make About You?

This reminds me of the Chase Hughes website. I saw some sherlock people profiling cheat sheet on there and it's so much like SH. 
I'd be pinned as a control freak...instantaneously. My clothes and I'm sure everything else would give me away. Don't know if i can share the link on here.

David Thomas
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October 14, 2013 2:02 am  #64

Re: What Deductions Would Sherlock Make About You?

Sherlock would deduce:

That I have Grave's disease and Addison's disease from my daily medications.
That I have two young children, a boy and a girl, from the toys lying all around the house.
That I I am a computer person from my computer being in the living room next to the couch.
That we do a lot of shopping online from the boxes around the house.

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October 14, 2013 9:04 pm  #65

Re: What Deductions Would Sherlock Make About You?

BrightBlueEyes wrote:

Molly Hooper wrote:

I'll do my school uniform first because that's what I've been wearing;
He'd see my skirt was covered in white cat hair, so has a cat,
My hair is a frizz-bomb so, doesn't care about looks. But I'm always faffing with it so maybe does care but never gets round to anything,
I permanently have huge, green bags under my eyes, so doesn't sleep much.
My shoes are pretty large but far too small for me, they're relatively new, bought small shoes on purpose to disguise huge feet!
The soles of my shoes have worn in strange places so has flat-ish feet.
I have faded ink marks over my hands with reminders about homework so probably skatty.
Typical, boring schoolgirl, next!

I'm sorry, but the line about the shoes had me thinking about Jen from IT Crowd when she bought those shoes that were so small that they made her feet go all funny

I LOVE Jen (and the IT Crowd on the whole)! Between a friend of mine and me it's become something like a ritual when one of us is daydreaming and asked what she's doing, to just dreamily say "shoes...".
This episode is only topped by Jen's floating head, I dissolve into hysterics when I see that...


"Why, why? I mean, why, why?"
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October 15, 2013 7:10 am  #66

Re: What Deductions Would Sherlock Make About You?

Kerkerian wrote:

I LOVE Jen (and the IT Crowd on the whole)! Between a friend of mine and me it's become something like a ritual when one of us is daydreaming and asked what she's doing, to just dreamily say "shoes...".
This episode is only topped by Jen's floating head, I dissolve into hysterics when I see that...

I watched this episode last night

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October 28, 2013 3:28 am  #67

Re: What Deductions Would Sherlock Make About You?

1) From my pale skin, that I am nocturnal (I work in a 24 hour Pharmacy)
2) From my connecting freckles that I formerly lived where I was exposed to lots of sun (I grew up in Florida)
3) Worn silver bracelets, worn gold wedding band - never takes off her jewelry (If it isn't sturdy it isn't on me)
4) Worn down middle finger nail indicates my job involves repetitive single keying on a touch screen. (Touch screen in job)

The Other Mrs. Hudson

January 11, 2014 11:06 am  #68

Re: What Deductions Would Sherlock Make About You?

What Sherlock would deduce about me:

If Sherlock comes into my room he would deduce that I love colours. My whole room is full of them, especially warm colours like orange (colour of my wall). He'd also notice that I read many books (two big shelves filled with lovely books) and that I'm a big fan of movies because I own very much DVDs. From the books and movies he'd conclude that I am a fan of fantasy. Sherlock would also see many posters and photographs on the wall (oh goodness, I'd LOVE to see his face when he sees himself and John several times in the room :D). From my two big drawings over my bed he'd infer that I love drawing and that I'm a fan of Walter Moers' novels. From my laptop he'd see that I am typing a lot, means I am very active in my online life and that I am writing a lot (and if he'd take a look at my laptop, Sherlock would see that I have many, many documents on it → I love writing stories *-*).

And if he takes a look at me he'd see that I don't use make-up (hate that stuff) and that I don't place value on fashion (I am always wearing what I like), also because I have my natural hair and haircolour.

And what he would read on my face expression: "I can't believe he is here …Oh my God ..."

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January 11, 2014 4:35 pm  #69

Re: What Deductions Would Sherlock Make About You?

I'm certain something about me would tell him I was a writer. Maybe by looking at my hands: shape of the fingers or something like that. Or maybe my vocabulary, which is quite good, and I would certainly employ my best were I to cross paths with a mind like Sherlock Holmes.

I've actually thought alot about how he'd percieve my reactions to my family and how quickly he'd figure them out. Surely it wouldn't take him long. He'd deduce that I love my family dearly, and desire, almost simeltaneously, more and less contact with them. He'd deduce in which situations I felt uncomfortable, which jokes make me want to shut down, and which actions of theirs inspire which reactions, such as how I react when I feel ignored versus how I react when someone seeks out my company.

Sleeping habits, secrets, interests; to him, I'd be an open book, and not by choice, but because I'm terrible at acting and deducing compared to him.

It would be so interesting to be deduced by the younger Holmes. I'm so fascinated by the idea that I'm considering writing about individuals with similar aspects to myself, just to have Holmes unriddle them like he'd unriddle me, in a way that would both amaze and embarres me. Maybe he'd be kind enough not to talk about me in front of a crowd.

February 2, 2014 2:00 pm  #70

Re: What Deductions Would Sherlock Make About You?

Um...Sherlock would deduce that -

1) I bite my nails terribly so might be an anxious person. But I tend to bite them when I'm bored!
2) That I have no fashion sense whatsoever and don't tend to care about fashion. I like comfy shoes and comfy clothes. Bit like Molly really.
3) If he looked around my house, that I'm obsessed with clocks and time. I especially love antique clocks. He'd also see an obsession with books, keys, and topiary. He'd also see no toys or child photos so deduce that I have no children.
4) He would see that my rooms were neat and tidy...but a little bit dusty too. So I'm neat but not necessarially obsessed with housework!

February 6, 2014 1:07 pm  #71

Re: What Deductions Would Sherlock Make About You?

*Scratches chin*

Addictive nature; often replacing one addiction with another
Running from the real world; on some days completely avoiding eye contact
A strange love for cats; which might lead him to the fact that I tend to be a little lonely. 
In touch with my childish side. He could deduce that from my Hello Kitty collection
An alarming love for pink. (Not in the media though)

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February 10, 2014 9:28 am  #72

Re: What Deductions Would Sherlock Make About You?

Hm, what would he deduce about me.. probably more than I would like, but as far as I can imagine:

Hands: Ring - married. Nails short, no polish, skin still soaked, traces of detergent and raspberry toothpaste - probably housewive with kids. Might have played the piano for a long time.

Hairstyle: Long, well kept, natural hair color, updo - natural type but still cares for appearances

Purse: Childrens´ drink bottles, blue and red - boy and girl. Wipes - still in the sticky age, probably under 5. Scratched old mobile without internet access - not the tech type. Notebook and pen - obviously likes to sit down and write while out, pensive or creative, overall appearance speaks more for pensive.

Bookshelf: Not many books purchased after 2011 - used to read a lot but does not now. Popular science books on many topics, but no expensive reference books - clever, interested in many things but no in-depth knowledge. Literature mostly fantasy - escapist tendencies. Expensive Japanese character dictionaries, grammar and linguistic books - professional interest in Japanese language.

CD-shelf: Mostly old random CDs - no idea of good music. Some Gothic ones - tends towards melancholy.

Falling to the floor at the sight of me - crush on Sherlock Holmes and gets overexcited about things

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February 10, 2014 7:20 pm  #73

Re: What Deductions Would Sherlock Make About You?

Sherlock would deduce that-
I'm a quite anxious and nervous person, judging on my nail biting.
Current hair colour is not natural - natural hair colour being blonde.
I'm a very organised persona and quite the perfectionist, looking at the lists around my room - may even say that I have the slight case of OCD.
He would deduce that I am a cat-lover, with 4 cats of my own.
I participate in musical activity, from the music books and stands around my room.

That's all I could think of!

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March 27, 2014 10:38 pm  #74

Re: What Deductions Would Sherlock Make About You?

He would deduce that:

I am not a very confident person but get to know I will talk the hind legs off a donkey.

I make a good friend but cross my path the wrong way and I will turn from John Watson to Jim Moriarty.

Benedict Cumberbatch

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