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December 14, 2013 7:31 pm  #1

I guess it's now or never! My Theory (in easy point form)

Well, I guess it's now or never. ;D Here's my theory (in easy point form for quick reading). For those of you who are interested in the details, insights, and further character internal motivation, you can read my theory in a dialogue format between John and Sherlock in chapters 3, 4, and 6 of my fanfic As a Matter of Fact. It is a Johnlock story so if that's not your thing, don't read beyond chapter 7. ;D 

ETA: I will add links later because I haven't made enough posts on this forum to attach links! Sorry!  
Disclaimer: I might (probably am) be way off base, but thought I would write it out nonetheless to offer something different! (By the way, I used to be 'shenanigans' on this forum but changed my user name to match my fics and tumblr.)

Okay, here it is in a nutshell:
1) Overall theory summary;

-The crux o the 'Final Problem' is rooted in Computer Technology-- a modern day twist on the RF. (Jim from IT/spider at the centre of a web, computer key codes and all that fun stuff)
2) I.O.U.
-In the context of IT, I.O.U stands for Input/Output Unit. (Which is basically just the basic components of a computer).
-The first I.O.U. is the apple and represents Sherlock's apple laptop. (Which would explain why he changed to an Apple computer 2nd season.) See diagram in link below.
-The second I.O.U. shows a computer lab through the window across NSY.
-The third I.O.U is spray painted on the wall across 221B. It has black wings surrounding it.
-Black wings represent a fallen angel.
-A fallen angel--by definition--is a demon.
-A demon in the context of IT is a daemon. -
-A daemon is a simple computer program that is activated by circumstances/events instead of a person.
-Moriarty's order to the snipers to kill/not kill was delivered by means of a computer daemon. (therefore Moriarty could be dead and the order would still be sent out depending on whether the event occurred or not).
-The event that triggered the daemon was Sherlock calling himself a fake and committing suicide.(That's the whole point of this!) 
-The words Suicide. Fake. Genius. delivered in a newswire/online news/newspaper headlines  was the recall code (that's why Sherlock insisted he be called a fake despite the fact that Moriarty was dead.)
-The recall code was sent to the snipers via newswire on phone (you can hear it for John's sniper) and via "On line news" for Lestrade's sniper. (See link below for further insights and image of sniper--he is reading the online news, waiting for the order to kill/not kill).

3) ROOFTOP Scene
-Sherlock was trying to access Moriarty's passcode in order to access his computer files and get rid of the daemon.
-This was PLAN A for Sherlock. He needed to change the recall code so the 3 words; suicide, fake and genius would nto need to travel over the news.
-Moriarty's passcode wasn't a word or a number (too easy for Sherlock to figure out as we saw in Hounds?)
-Moriarty's passcode was a physical characteristic unique to him (thumb prints are very popular) so no one else would have access to his computer files.
-The physical characteristic Moriarty chose to access his technology was his iris code.
-Sherlock stole Moriarty's iris code and printed it on contact lenses.
-When Moriarty looked closely at Sherlock's eyes, he saw that Sherlock had stolen his passcode and could access his files and cancel the order.
-When Moriarty says 'You're me'-he means that Sherlock has stolen his ID.
-Unbeknownst to Sherlock, Moriarty had a second physical characteristic for his passcode--his heartbeat.
-Moriarty shoots himself to stop his heartbeat and therefore prevent Sherlock from accessing his technology and deleting the daemon.
-Once the heartbeat has stopped, Sherlock cannot get into Moriarty's files and he has to resort to PLAN B.
-Of course Sherlock had a plan B!
-PLAN B was to jump in order for the recall code to be activated and therefore save his friends.
-He had 2 months to plan it (since Moriarty's visit at 221B)
-Just like in ACD Canon, Sherlock was never in the fall.
-It was a dummy who fell (you can hear the metallic-like sound when it hits the ground).
-The limbs of the dummy move due to computer technology.
-Limbs on robots/machines/dummies can be articulated via 'limb articulation motion pattern' computer program.
-Limb articulation motion pattern program is based on transcribed binary codes that reflect the natural movement of limbs.
-The binary codes are derived from the language of music--the partita.
-The music notes of a partita can be transcribed into a binary code.
-This is weird, I know, but this is how real life animation was discovered. There are tons of technical articles about how it's done. Here's a quick proof that the two are related I'm not making this up. Bach's partitas were used to create life-like movement animation in limbs!?? (or maybe it's just a coincidence?)

See link below for additional info and pic of journal article explaining how computer animation is derived from Bach's partitas;

Okay, on with the theory...
-I think Sherlock was standing on a totally different part of the roof.
-John saw an articulated dummy fall.
-John was knocked down.
-Sherlock replaced the dummy on the ground (used his own blood like in the Janus car case/ used a squash ball to stop his pulse/ and rhododendron ponticulum  to prevent movement (especially optic nerve?)
I have 2 theories about the dummy...
1) Weeks in advance Sherlock threw the Henry Fishguard dummy off the roof and filmed it then went home and ran the motion pattern program on it to make the limbs move and what John sees is that film projected on the wall of St-Bart's as an optical illusion.
2) The dummy was already an articulated dummy and the force of gravity made the limbs move.
Yeah, really not sure about that! It was the best I could do. :D
The computer key code
On a personal note, the existence of a computer key code that decodes all security encrypton is possible. At this moment, there are probably tons of computer hackers/ mathematicians the world over trying to figure out the encrypton key. From my understanding, if you solve the Riemann hypothesis (a mathematical conundrum, that if solved, would give the pattern to the sequence of prime numbers--on which all keys (and cryptology) is based.
Either Moriarty or Sherlock were bluffing up there.
I don't have time to get into it atm, but I have offer some better insights in my fic!

Anyway, this is it! I know it's different and maybe too convoluted but I had a blast brainstorming! Thanks for reading!
*hugs to all Sherlockians!*


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December 21, 2013 5:54 pm  #2

Re: I guess it's now or never! My Theory (in easy point form)

"what John sees is that film projected on the wall of St-Bart's as an optical illusion"

It wouldn't work, really X'D




December 22, 2013 3:09 am  #3

Re: I guess it's now or never! My Theory (in easy point form)

Great theory! How exciting..however it is also very alienating to the majority of an audience that does not know such intracracies regarding computer programming..

If this turns out to be the answer I will be soooo mad at Maftiss.  Any person using the information in the show should be able to figure it out without holding a comp tech degree ( personal opinion)

But I still love it.  How well thought out...especially "I am you" part.  That would be really cool.


Sherlock Holmes, "Perfectly sound analysis but I was hoping you'd go deeper."

December 22, 2013 6:55 pm  #4

Re: I guess it's now or never! My Theory (in easy point form)

*smiles* That's kind of you to be so open minded, sirlockofhtesher. My theory is probably all wrong but I had a glorious time brainstorming and trying to find a common link between all the clues...

My background is in biochemistry, not computer science. I just kept combining the clues ex. angels/partitas, i.o.u/apple, i.o.u/fairytales, etc..etc... and after a while, I noticed a high tech pattern.  

Have a fabulous Holiday Season!

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December 23, 2013 5:05 pm  #5

Re: I guess it's now or never! My Theory (in easy point form)

^ in any given mood, I have a different theory on how he did it..

I too noticed the "metallic" or Non squishy sound of impact of the "body"  but that would indicate it was the mannequin.  I could never explain how a mannequin's body would flail while falling though (doing that backwards bicycling movement) until your theory. 

I am sure I will be all wrong too but with two years of waiting...the theorizing has been distracting, entertaining, obsessive, and fun!  8 days and we will know...

Sherlock Holmes, "Perfectly sound analysis but I was hoping you'd go deeper."

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