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February 27, 2013 3:56 pm  #1

100 question BBC Sherlock quiz - ANSWERS THREAD

Please post your answers in here to the 100 question quiz.

Thank you and good luck!

Eventually everyone will support Johnlock.

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February 27, 2013 4:36 pm  #2

Re: 100 question BBC Sherlock quiz - ANSWERS THREAD

1.    How much weight does Sherlock say Molly has put on since he last saw her?
Three pounds.

2.    What Christmas Carol is Sherlock playing at the beginning of the Christmas party?
"We Wish You A Merry Christmas".

3.    What are Irene’s measurements?
32-24-34, I think.

4.    What was the name of Henry's therapist?
Louise Mortimer.

5.    Names of the two first victims in Blind Banker
Eddie van Coon and Brian Lukis.

6.    Who was responsible for the Leeds triple murder?

7.    How many “proper cases” did Sherlock help out on, according to Anderson?
2o or 30?

8.    Which instrument did John learn at school?

9.    What did Sherlock prove Angelo was doing instead of commiting a triple murder?

10.    What was the full message Sherlock deciphered from the A-Z in Blind Banker?

11.    What is the name of the pub in Hounds?
Cross Key's.

12.    What did Mrs Hudson thought Sherlock wanted so many books for?

13.    What was the name of Connie Prince's cat?
No idea... something Egyptian.

14.    What is the name of Molly’s cat?

15.    What’s the title of Raz’s graffiti artwork?
Urban Bloodlust Frenzy.

16.    What is the name of the dummy Sherlock has hanging by a noose at the beginning of Reichenbach?
Henry Fishguard.

17.    Moriarty's assault on various British institutions begins at approximately what time?

18.    The presence of which astronomical phenomenon in the "Vermeer" painting confirms that it is a fake?
The Van Buren Supernova.

19.    How many different coats/jackets does John own and can you name/describe them all?
He's got a black jacket and a green parka and some kind of a sandy brown jacket, I think?

20.    What is the first ever line in the whole series?
"How's your blog going?"

21.    Why should they arrest the brother?
Because he's got a green ladder. (That is, if he's got a green ladder.)

22.    What is the first thing Sherlock said to Jim?
"Gay." (Or "Hey", because the first might not have been directed at him personally.)

23.    How many people died in Great Game?
Connie Prince, Andrew West, Alex Woodbridge, Professor Cairnes, eight people in the explosion... so 12?

24.    What is the address of the house used for the 221B exterior shots?
187 North Gower Street.

25.    What are the names of the gay couple in Hounds?
Gary and Billy.

26.    What is the cabbie’s licence number in Pink?

27.    What is John’s military rank and what regiment is he with?
Captain of the 25th Northumberland Fusliers.

28.    What is the name of the bank in Blind Banker?
Shad Sanderson.

29.    What book is Sherlock reading at the beginning of Reichenbach?
"Memoirs of a Bowstreet Runner" or something similar?

30.    What was the name of the circus that Sherlock sent John and Sarah to?

31.    Sherlock isn’t the _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

32.    What was the name of the college where the cabbie took Sherlock?
Roland Kerr College for Further Education?

33.    And Sherlock’s “friend” who works there?

34.    What does Mycroft give Sherlock for Christmas?
A cigarette.

35.    On Sherlock’s website, he claims he can ‘identify a software designer by   his …….. and an airline pilot by his ……..’
Tie and left thumb.

36.    What is the headline on the paper at the end of Blind Banker?
"Who wants to be a Billion-Hair?"

37.    How old is Connie Prince?

38.    Quickest way to call the police
Shoot in the air.

39.    What is Sherlock’s very first line on screen?
"How fresh?"

40.    How many kids does the cabbie have?

41.    What three thank-you gifts does Sherlock receive at the beginning of Reichenbach?
A tie-pin, diamond cufflinks and a deerstalker.

42.    What three little words does Sherlock give Kitty as a quote?
"You. Repel. Me."

43.    What size feet did the intruder in Soo Lin’s flat have?

44.    What is the name of Mycroft's club?
Diogenes Club.

45.    What were the names of the two children who were kidnapped in Reichenbach?
Max and Claudette.

46.    What are the four substances Sherlock first identifies from the sample obtained from the footprints of the children's kidnapper?
Chalk, brickdust, vegetation and chocolate.

47.    What library do Sherlock and John go to? (Blind Banker)

48.    What is the second question Sherlock ever asks John?
"How do you feel about the violin?"

49.    What is the name of the woman who runs the art gallery in Great Game?
Mrs Venceslas.

50.    What colour shouldn’t Mrs Hudson wear?

51.    How many years ago had the Doctors told the cabbie about his aneurysm?

52.    Apart from the wall, what else does Sherlock shoot at Baker Street?
The doorbell.

53.    What is the name of the spot on Dartmoor where Henry first encountered the hound?
Dewer's Hollow.

54.    How many types of tobacco ash does Sherlock identify in his study of the subject?

55.    How many girlfriends does John date (that we are aware of)?

56.    When Sherlock is asked to help with the case of the dead man and the backfiring car, Lestrade advises the investigating officer "Give Sherlock Holmes five minutes on your crime scene, listen to everything he says and…" what?
"... try not to punch him."

57.    Which two schools had Van Coon attended?
Cambridge and Oxford.

58.    What has John made for dinner in Great Game?

59.    What would happen if Mrs Hudson left Baker Street?
England would fall.

60.    Name of the museum bloke who fancies Soo Lin Yao

61.    Which train station is Westy found dead near?
Battersea, I think.

62.    Secret code to duck?
Vatican Cameos.

63.    When defending himself to the Chief Superintendant, Lestrade says he wasn’t the only senior officer to have done this (ie. Consulted Sherlock). Who else does he mention by name?

64.    How many ringing phones does John walk past before he picks up?

65.    How much are the lucky cats?
Ten pounds.

66.    What type of perfume does Mrs Hudson like to wear?
Caspara Nights,

67.    Which leg does John psychosomatically limp on?
I think it's the right one.
68.    What level of surveillance status does Mycroft allocate to Sherlock and John?

69.    What were Sherlock’s last words?
"Goodbye, John."

70.    According to Sherlock, how can you tell if a Chinese restaurant is good?
By looking at the lower third of the doorhandle or something?

71.    When is the only time we see Sherlock offer to buy the milk?
In TGG when John leaves to meet Sarah.

72.    Where did John get his phone?
His sister gave it to him.

73.    What song is Sherlock playing on his violin when Moriarty comes for tea?
Something by Bach...

74.    What’s the name of Soo Lin Yao’s brother?

75.    Where did Mrs Hudson’s husband get himself sentenced to death?
In Florida.

76.    Whose wedding did the gay couple in Hounds recently attend?

77.    What was the name of the highland terrier?

78.    When do we see Sherlock in jeans?
In the pilot episode.

79.    What colour shirt is Sherlock wearing in the scene where he says he only has one friend?

80.    What text did Sherlock send on John’s phone when he borrowed it in Study In Pink?
"If brother has green ladder, arrest brother."

81.    Name two of the assassins living on Baker Street
Sulamani (?) and Ludmilla Jaschenko or something? No idea how it's spelled.

82.    According to Sherlock, what was the best night of John’s life?
The night at the pool with Moriarty.

83.    What item of food do we see John trying to scan in the supermarket?
A lettuce.

84.    What was the name of the American in Scandal? (The one Sherlock throws out the window)

85.    Where did Sherlock leave his riding crop?
In the mortuary.

86.    Sherlock and John call in on Van Coon’s flat but there is no answer. Sherlock then tries the flat above. What was the name of the woman who lived there?

87.    Moriarty’s tie pin is of …?
a fox.

88.    Name of the waiter at Angelo’s

89.    What is the piece of music playing when Moriarty breaks into the crown jewels?
La gazza ladra.

90.    Mrs Hudson is being two timed by whom?
Mr Chatterty.

91.    And where does he have wives?
In Doncaster and Islmabad.

92.    “We’ve only just met and….” (Finish the quote)
"... we're gonna look at a flat?"

93.    Name of the female jury member who got blackmailed by Moriarty into deciding him not guilty

94.    The rhythm of the non-existent code is ….?

95.    What year was the Carl Powers case?

96.    Two food options at Barts in Blind Banker
Pork and pasta.

97.    Where does John hide Sherlock’s cigarettes?
In the skull.

98.    What names make up the acronym H.O.U.N.D?

99.    Describe the shirt Sherlock was wearing in the court scene in the Reichenbach Fall. 
Black with pinstribes?

100.    The new Breitling watch that Sebastian was wearing came out in which month?

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February 27, 2013 8:20 pm  #3

Re: 100 question BBC Sherlock quiz - ANSWERS THREAD

I was gonna do this, but half the answers are already filled in.


February 27, 2013 8:24 pm  #4

Re: 100 question BBC Sherlock quiz - ANSWERS THREAD

55. I think John had 5 girlfriends: Sarah, the one with the spots, the one with the nose, Jeanette and the one he writes poetry to in Hounds.


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February 27, 2013 9:24 pm  #5

Re: 100 question BBC Sherlock quiz - ANSWERS THREAD

veecee, but you can still do this, you don't have to read my answers.

Mary, I think that statement was meant in general and not related to a certain person. We can assume that he's been dating other women but we only really know about four. But I think that's a matter of opinion.


"Yes, of course I forgive you."

March 8, 2013 8:45 am  #6

Re: 100 question BBC Sherlock quiz - ANSWERS THREAD

Just noticed a mistake in my questions - 33 is supposed to come after 28, lol. Will fix it in the other thread.

Eventually everyone will support Johnlock.

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October 21, 2013 10:38 pm  #7

Re: 100 question BBC Sherlock quiz - ANSWERS THREAD

Oh wow! I feel down right ASHAMED! I could only answer about half of these off the top of my head. How DARE I call myself a Sherlockian! *cries* lol.

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October 22, 2013 4:57 am  #8

Re: 100 question BBC Sherlock quiz - ANSWERS THREAD

Geez, I could answer all but two questions on the spot. Maybe there is such a thing as overthinking in this fandom? And I only ever watched the whole series about four times!!


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