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January 15, 2017 8:53 pm  #1

TD 12 and another remedies

In this season topic of memory kept coming back all the time: lost memories, prevented to arise memories, distorted old memories (effect, caused by DT 12), memories, stimulated by pain, Sherlock's painful memory of John, visions of Sherlock's childhood, false or real memories... Let's add all the T6T, looking entirely surreal, with impossible elements  (like famous glowing scull painting) , and being most likely the same: the memory - inaccurate, distorted and untrustworthy. 

We are going to know it very soon, but - what are you thinking about my idea now: some characters of "Sherlock" could be exposed to agents like DT 12 during TLD, and that's, why what we see in T6T, is so strange, and often improbable - because their memories are damaged.
10 minutes!

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