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July 27, 2015 1:54 pm  #41

Re: non-English language films

Is this a thread about personal language preferences or about getting ideas for watching non-English movies?

To the first issue I'd like to say that I prefer my movies to be in the language that goes with the setting of the movie, or the least disturbing language (of the ones I speak, obviously): I had a chance to watch The Three Musketeers (US production, with Kieffer Sutherland) in the original version, but the pronounciation of the protagonist's names just made my toenails curl, so I switched to German. Ideally I'd be watching Les Trois Musquetaires (in French, obviously).
So for me Sherlock should be in English, Les Choristes in French, Dances with Wolves mostly in Lakota with subtitles, The Last Samourai in English/Japanese and Schindler's List in German, even if that is not the original version (but Spielberg himself had said the movie should be watched in German), as should Valkyrie, ideally (but UK DVDs cost much less...) For Game of Thrones it wouldn't matter, except I like Sean Bean's voice...

Now for a few French movies I've watched and liked: A bout portant - 89 minutes of non-stop action. Babysitting - "just" a silly little comedy, but fun to watch (also under 90 minutes). 9 mois ferme - even sillier (a judge finds herself pregnant without knowing why), but the joke holds up for the 76 minutes the film lasts. Those three films are completely without pretensions, never claim to want anything more than to entertain (I've watched the DVD extras and/or heard the commentary track), and they succeed.
Paulette is a comedy about a pensioner turning drug dealer I've seen in the cinema, the first half was great, in the second I think they overdid it. Or maybe I've missed something...
I'm ambiguous about Le Concert.  On the one hand it's entertaining enough, on the other it doesn't really make sense to me (I think it's inspired by Lubitsch's Ninotchka - but times have changed and I don't see why somebody who lives in Moskow would go wild once they are in Paris).
I believe Les Choristes et Les Intouchables have already been mentioned, those are two great movies. (For Les Intouchables it's important to know that it's based on a true story and that the people it's based on have insisted on it being filmed as a comedy.)
Horse lovers will probably like Dance avec Lui and Jappeloup.
Last but not least one I hated: La Tourneuse des Pages - I found the story nonsensical and as it isn't a comedy the film has no redeeming features for me. (Meaning if you hate the movies I like you might like this one....)


July 27, 2015 1:58 pm  #42

Re: non-English language films

I don't watch too many non-English movies. I watch some Norwegian movies, obviously, and some Japanese. My list of recommendation would be:

1. Tokyo Story
2. Maborosi
3. Die Fetten Jahre sind Vorbei

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January 2, 2017 8:47 pm  #43

Re: non-English language films

I've seen tons of French movies but that doesn't count as I'm French

​Otherwise, I've seen a lot of Japanese movies, mostly animated ones (Ghibli but not only). My husband's grandma was japanese and my husband spoke japanese fluently, so he made me watch many movies and animated series in original version (with subtitles, but I ended up knowing quite many words in japanese)

​I've seen other Asian movies like In the mood for love (what an amazing movie! I think you either adore it or hate it, but I find it really beautiful and poetical) or Hero.

​Then I've seen a couple of German, Italian, Danish etc movies, but most of the time it was dubbed.


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January 4, 2017 2:58 pm  #44

Re: non-English language films

I saw In the Mood for Love almost two years ago for a class.  I liked it. I thought it was interesting how it told the story in a somewhat elliptical way, using offscreen space and only repeating a couple different pieces of music for the soundtrack.  Sometimes the music still comes to mind, and even though I don't remember a lot of the movie since it's been some time since I've seen it, I still think of it every once in a while.
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