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Music » Eurovision 2023 Liverpool » Today 4:21 pm

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Congratulations on the new job!  I hope it's going well.  What a shame that it clashes with the semi-finals, but as long as you can watch the final live that's the main thing.
Thank you for mentioning the official app.  I had it last year, but didn't install it this year.  I gave up on my spreadsheet and changed to another app which I think is called Eurovision scoreboard.  It hasn't help me decide though! I keep moving countries around.
Your choices are interesting!  I had not scored those songs highly at all. However, I've found when Belgium comes on my playlist I'm often bopping and singing along, and I do agree it's uplifting.

I agree that the live performances will change things as it's not just about the songs but the whole thing.  I remember last year really loving Austria but it just wasn't so good live, whereas Serbia, which I wasn't wild about was really good live. (I'm wondering if this will happen with Czechia this year as it's one that I really want to like but I'm not enjoying it much at the moment.  I'm hoping it will be better live). And I wasn't so into the UK entry last year until I saw video of Sam Ryder at the London Party and he was so good!  

Germany is my obsession at the moment!  I really love the singer's voice and looked them up and can't stop listening to them.  The singer just seems very likeable, even came across videos with him with his mum, and working with a choir of elderly people, and he seems very respectful to them and to the other contestants in the national final.

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