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August 9, 2018 1:15 pm  #5361

Re: Sherlock alphabet game

Titles for Sherlock's autobiography

About a boy. The first attempt solving cases.
Baskerville Revisited
Consulting Detective: The Only One
Dartmoor: A Study in Fog.
E lementary - Or: Learn from my brilliant (Because we are talking auto biographies here;-)
FOR MY EYES ONLY. My top secret secret life
Great Man to Good Man - My Years With John Watson
Holmes. (The grown-up)
Irene Adler. The Woman In My Life.
John and I: Two of us against the rest of the world
Killing Magnussen: My Worst Christmas
Love's Labour's Lost (Amor vincit omnia). Reloaded
Moriarty. Every fairy tale needs a good old fashioned villain.
Not An Archenemy, But Still: My Bothersome Brother Mycroft
One day with me. How Molly Hooper "replaced" John Watson. 😭
Partners in Crime (and Everywhere Else): My Life with John Watson
Questions unanswered - most of my life it not your business
Rache Or Anderson, don't talk out loud.
Send in the Serial Killers, Clowns or Otherwise
To be the Best
U.M.Q.R.A. - The Untold Story
​Very Easy Cases, Send In The Murders!
Watson, My Friend John Watson -  A Love Story

X-cellent Deductions: What It's Like Not Being an Idiot (like Most People Are)
Clueing for looks.

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