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November 18, 2016 3:06 am  #761

Re: Recently watched movies.

Just got back from seeing Hacksaw Ridge and am feeling quite traumatised. I don't like that much realistic blood and gore. The story was very good, particularly as it was based on the true heroic deeds of Desmond Dodds who joined the US army as conscientious objector, to work as a medic. I just couldn't watch the grisly battle scenes, I was literally crying and shaking after a few minutes of it. I kept my eyes down and only looked up again for the scenes in between all the killing, but the screaming and horrific sound effects were bad enough. So I recommend this movie for those with a strong stomach!


December 19, 2016 12:10 am  #762

Re: Recently watched movies.

As some of you may know, a couple months ago I read the book, and this today I watched the movie of The Man Who Fell to Earth.  It was interesting to me how it moved back and forth between the plot of the book and plot elements unique to the film.  I think it's interesting that the novel is not long as books go (about 20 pages below 200), but the film is on the longer side (2 hrs 19).  What was added was mostly sex, but there were some other things added too.
I think I liked the book better, but I still liked both of them.  The book drew me in from the very beginning, whereas the movie drew me in more in its second hour than its first, though I thought the beginning was still pretty good.
Sometimes the sex seemed excessive, but it didn't bother me as much as I thought it might (perhaps because I had prepared myself for it).  
There were some WTF moments with some of the stuff that was not so linear, but having seen the film all the way through, I think some of those relate thematically to the rest of the film.  Though I think there were still some things I didn't quite get.
One reason I found out of about the film in the first place was David Bowie, but I found myself forgetting it was him a good part of the time (except for the parts where I wasn't sure whether it was bad acting or he was trying to seem vacant).  I was watching Thomas Jerome Newton.  I think I perhaps connected more to the character in the book, but they were different enough that I didn't feel the character was really "wronged" or misrepresented in the film.  Different characters, in a way.  Certain things that were left to our imagination in the film perhaps would have been better left in, but were not critical to the way the film told its story vs. the book.  
There were moments I had seen out of context or in trailers and photos online that I expected to take place later in the film than they actually did, which was a pleasant surprise for me (because it meant there was more that I hadn't seen yet).  One moment I found interesting is when we see Newton and Mary-Lou in a close shot, first looking at each other and then looking straight at us, the viewer.  There were others of course, but the implication of us, repeated at one point later in the film, is a reminded not to stay too distant from this, we can't stay distant, even if we are to feel a sense of alienation at other points.
The ending left me with a similar sad feeling.  In some ways the book was more tragic, but in other ways the film was.  I'm not sure which really was sadder overall (though I don't think either one is a complete downer, at least in my experience).

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February 7, 2017 3:44 pm  #763

Re: Recently watched movies.

Last night for one of my film classes we watched the Brazilian film City of God.  It was a great film, albeit a bit violent at some parts, but a lot of the violence is shown from a distance or the actual act is offscreen and you just see the aftermath.  It's not as gory as other films might handle the topic of gangsters.  The stories of different characters are shown at different points in the movie, and the editing is quite create.  There's one sequence called "The Story of the Apartment" that shows the different people in the apartment over time from the same spot and the same angle, but the people fade in and out.  
As some of you might know, gangster films have not done much for me in the past, but this one, while it has some of the conventions of other gangster movies, is different in feel and the topic is different since it's not an American story.  The opening sequence drew me in right away and it kept me interested the rest of the way through.  The lives of the characters in the film, most of them children and teenagers, are tough, but the film manages to have a couple moments of laughter.  But it's also very exciting.
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