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October 3, 2015 10:46 pm  #81

Re: Moriarty theories

My personal favorite theory is that Moran is behind the "Miss Me" video and is coming after Sherlock for revenge.   This idea really excites me. 

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October 4, 2015 8:53 am  #82

Re: Moriarty theories

I know I should prepare myself , but I'm gonna cry so hard if Moriarty is really dead
For me , there is still the mystery of his corpse . We don't know what happened to it, and that's utterly impossible for me that Mycroft'mens didn't drop by to take care of it . Whatever happened, Mycroft knows .


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November 11, 2015 12:24 pm  #83

Re: Moriarty theories

I was talking about that with two fellow Sherlockians recently, I was sure since I saw that last scene that there's no way Moriarty is alive and I was sure someone is using Moriarty for his/hers purposes.

I'm almost sure that Mycroft is using it to save Sherlock from that fatal undercover assignment.
But there will be a new villian sooner or later.

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November 11, 2015 5:12 pm  #84

Re: Moriarty theories

Ivy wrote:

I'm almost sure that Mycroft is using it to save Sherlock from that fatal undercover assignment.

Personally, I'm not a fan of the "Mycroft is behind the Moriarty image" idea.

That event was the impetus for Sherlock's return from exile, so it stands to reason that those who brought him back (the government) want him to figure out who was behind it.  If it were Mycroft, then Sherlock would not be able to provide a "culprit" to the government (unless he sells out Mycroft, which I would find unlikely).

Plus, a villain being behind the image would provide a good drive for the story.


May 1, 2016 8:34 pm  #85

Re: Moriarty theories

I think the Moriarty we met is dead. He is the brother of Professor Moriarty who killed Sherrinford and has been after Mummy Holmes for decades. Professor Moriarty is alive but Jim Moriarty is indeed dead.


January 8, 2017 2:53 pm  #86

Re: Moriarty theories

A few years ago I read a thriller for youths, called "Erebos". It is written by a German author, so I suppose it is not known to an international audience, but it was quite clever. Moriarty could work with a very similar scheme like in the book:

A man sets things in motion to get posthumous revenge. He did it like this (spoilers for the book!!!): he was a designer for computer games and had an very innovative idea for a new game and managed to program a very high artifical intelligence. However a manager from another software company stole the game from him, accused the true inventor of stealing it, brought him to court, the man was falsely convicted and in despair commited suicide. Before his death however, he re-programmed the game to get revenge. After some time a disc was put in circulation via his little son. The game is very addicting, the players make copies and give it to none-players, the only way you can get into the game. To be successful in the virtual world you have to do tasks in the real world! It begins quite harmless, but there are also tasks that could lead to the death of innocent people. The artifical intelligence knows everything about the players in the real world: who they are, who their friends are, what they wish, what they fear, if they fulfilled their tasks or not, because the AI plays off the players against each other. Only a few players, who do all the tasks and thus are seen as "worthy" by the game, are instructed to do the final task in the real world - to kill the manager who stole the game.

I think Moriarty could play a similar game, although I wonder what the motivation/the reward could be for those who continue his work. In the novel, adolescents are easily hooked by rewards within the game (although sometimes they get rewarded in real life too, for example get a rare Shirt, that you wished for, as a present anonymous from another player).

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