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September 5, 2014 2:04 pm  #61

Re: Will the kid die too?

Arabella Trefoil wrote:

Nice name for a little girl.

There's a character named Shazza in Bridget Jones' Diary, so Shezza's definitely plausible!


John: That's clever. So you scratch their backs and...
Sherlock: Yes. And then disinfect myself.

May 1, 2016 8:39 pm  #62

Re: Will the kid die too?

I think that an attempt will be made on the lives of John, Baby Watson and Mary to get to Holmes. They will survive but realize that Mary and the Baby will never be safe if they stay in London. Irene Adler is working for Moriarty still but decides to stop and goes into hiding.  Mary and the Baby will go live in Latin America. Irene will go to USA. John will feel the extreme loss , Sherlock will go into retirement for a moment. Then, they will move back in together and continue solving crimes. 

Sherlock Holmes wrote:

It's canon that Mary dies and most people are expecting it to happen at some point in Series 4. They could always go a different route and have her in some witness protection programme where John could never see her again; or in prison for the rest of her life, but whatever happens, we know they are going to get her out of the picture.

What then, do you think will happen to Baby Watson? It would be quite shocking to kill a child after its been born, even for Moftiss. Killing it whilst its still in the womb is generally more acceptable. So, maybe a miscarriage?

Or do you think the baby will survive? If so, how can it be a part of Sherlock and John's life? Sherlock, John & The Baby? Sounds like a trashy sitcom about a gay couple bringing up a kid.



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