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October 8, 2013 8:36 pm  #1

Frankfurt Christmas Market in Birmingham

Good evening, fellow Sherlockians!

I'm posting here to see if anyone would be interested in going to look around the large Christmas Market in Birmingham at some point? It's on from the 15th of November, so starting very soon. It's put on in association with Frankfurt city and is pretty much one of the largest markets I've ever seen, at least in this country! It's amazing to see all the traditional German architecture that's brought over and set up there, too.

There are also other possibly interesting things to look at in the city centre, like the historic back-to-backs housing, pen museum and other museum/galleries/historical stuff. There's also a new Shakespeare Memorial Room at the city library which looks worth checking out. Also, no doubt lots of Sherlock related chat along the way and whatever else can be thought of!

Anyway, if anyone's interested, we could make arrangements to go and take a look.


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