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June 6, 2018 9:03 pm  #1


I would like to create a thread for the Norwegian duo that is Ylvis. You might have heard of them from the music video "The Fox". (What does the fox say?). Being from Norway myself, I had of course heard of them years ago, but I never really minded much. Then The Fox came. And I read a comment that intrigued me. It said something like: "Yeah, The Fox is cool, but it's the least funny ones of their videos".

Seeing as I found The Fox amazing when it came out, I was interested enough to do some more research. And after having watched a lot of Ylvis pre-Fox, and a lot of Ylvis after-Fox, I can only agree. As fun and cool as the Fox is, it's actually the least funny video they've done.

Ylvis consist of two brothers who are born and raised of Norwegian parents, but they spent their early years in Africa. Which means they are able to look at Norway, and the western world in general, from an ousider perspective. Also, they are both incredibly talented, music-wise. Their strength is in when they do satire, involving a lot of different music genres. I will post three videos here, there are loads more for those interested.

"Someone like me" - a Disney musical/dubstep-satire 

"Jan Egeland" - 80s hair band satire (and for those who do not know - Jan Egeland was/is a UN ambassador well known for peace keeping. He is actually from the same city as myself, and so is the live show shown in this video)

And a great one - Stonehenge!


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