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December 26, 2017 2:42 pm  #1

The Wire

Admittedly it took me till season 2 to get hooked, but now that I'm re-watching, I like the first one as well.

Jason Bailey put it better than I ever could on DVDTalk (, so I'll just quote: "
=10ptThe Wire is The Great American Television Series, a sprawling, insightful, heartbreaking testament to what the medium is and what it can do. By turns ruthlessly intelligent, shockingly brutal, and darkly comic, The Wire is proof positive that it is indeed possible for television to be an art form, one with the ability to tell stories of greater scope and depth than films, plays, or even novels."

On a personal level, Omar's courtroom appearance in season 2 is one of my favourite screen moments ever...

Has anybody else watched the show?


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